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Easter Socks for the Family!

Women’s Day says, “Thanks to the brand Sock It to Me, your kiddos will have some adorable Easter-themed socks to wear around the house.”

They wrote this for their article: 16 Easter Basket Gift Ideas Your Teen Will Totally Love, but these adorable socks aren’t just for teens.

Hoppy Easter socks are for the whole family to find in Easter baskets or wear while dyeing eggs.

My Subscription Addiction Reviews Sock It to Me Monthly

“When you first open your Sock It To Me box, you’ll notice a big ol’ “SURPRISE!” on the inside of the lid, almost like you just walked into your own surprise party. Two pairs of shiny new socks are also revealed,” Marne says.

"Surprise!" Written on the inside of SITM Monthly box

She goes on to talk about the whimsical, colorful pairs included, “I like that the pairs they send are exclusive, so it makes the box a little more special than just buying what you want from their shop.”

Contents of Sock It to Me Monthly Box

Contents of Sock It to Me Monthly BoxEvery subscription box includes a fun extra (like the magnet shown above) and a silly postcard that’s often interactive. Because Marne got our February box, her postcard included a fun, little heart cutout (for Valentine’s Day) that she knew exactly what to do with.

Thanks so much for the write up, Marne! If you want to the whole thing, head on over to her full Sock It to Me Monthly Review. If you want to see more Sock It to Me Monthly reviews, check out these.


Zach & His Sock Collection Are Going to Hollywood!

Zach D’Onofrio has a few great things going for him: he’s charming, he’s got a great sock collection, and it turns out he has an amazing voice!

Zach started out his audition by handing out socks (including two that might seem pretty familiar to SITM fans) to judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. Though Katy says he “had her at kitten socks” we think everyone was blown away by the whole package.

We’re so proud of you, Zach! We can’t wait to see what you do next. You can follow his journey via his instagram: @zach_donofrio

Watch Zach’s audition and tell us you aren’t awestruck by his sincerity and talent!

American Idol Contestant Zach D'Onofrio

American Idol Judes Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with Sock It to Me Socks



MR Features Our Upcoming Men’s Dressy Line

Sock It to Me is introducing a men’s dressy line—LUXE—later this year. MR, the Menswear Industry’s Magazine, met with our CEO and Design Director to go over the finer points of this new product.

“We’ve been looking at the dress market since 2015, but wanted to make sure we had the right aesthetic,” says CEO Michelle Walker. “In doing our research, one of the biggest problems we discovered was that male consumers were seeking socks with comfort and stay-up power, while still wanting to express their sense of style. It took us a while to find the right combination.”

MR Magazine Spread of Sock It to Me LUXE Dressy Socks

Read the full article here & expect to see LUXE in stores and on our website in September.

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