SITM Staff Picks: Meet Alicia!

Meet Alicia, our lead designer! We’re thrilled to share some of her personal favorites with you. Explore Alicia’s top picks and discover the stories behind these socktastic creations.

Step into the vibrant world of sock magic with Alicia, our Design Director extraordinaire! At the heart of our whimsical sock universe, Alicia not only designs many of our fabulous pairs but also sprinkles her creative fairy dust throughout the entire process. Collaborating with our talented Design Team and partnering with factories, she ensures each sock is not just an accessory but a piece of wearable art.

Beyond the design board, Alicia infuses her infectious enthusiasm into the entire sock-making journey, making sure that every stitch and pattern is crafted to perfection. With a sock collection as diverse as her imagination, Alicia has cherry-picked her current favorites, giving you an exclusive sneak peek into her world of sock-tastic wonders.

These aren’t just socks; they’re a celebration of art, style, and pure joy. Join Alicia on this sock safari, exploring pairs that have a story to tell, characters to meet, and a dash of her signature flair in every fiber. Get ready to dance into the kaleidoscopic realm of Alicia’s top picks—because in the world of socks, the fun never stops!

Drawing inspiration from her wardrobe masterpiece, the cherished Esprit Sunflower SKORT, Alicia unfolds two sensational picks: the ever-versatile Turn Cuff Crew, affectionately named YAS Queen, a perfect dance partner for chunky Mary Janes or T-straps, giving off a Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again vibe. On the other foot, we have the Athletic Rib Crew in Honey, Be Yourself, showcasing impeccable stay-up prowess, a knight in shining armor for Alicia’s Dr. Martens and waterproof hiking boots, offering heel-hugging comfort like no other.

Adding a dash of nostalgia, Alicia introduces the Cattitude Crew, a playful nod to ’90s trends featuring cats with puffy paint roses in their mouths—a whimsical homage to her childhood days in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, channeling the spirit of those quirky tourist tees. Stepping into the world of humor, Alicia brings forth creations like Mermen and Dumpster Fire, capturing the essence of 2020 with a tire fire design, because sometimes socks need a dash of satirical wit.

Alicia’s adoration for Slipper Socks shines brightly, particularly with the whimsical Happy Toes. Inspired by a Rainbow Brite doll with orange hair and a periwinkle blue outfit, these slipper socks, complete with non-slip grippers, become Alicia’s trusty companions for both cozy work-from-home days and stylish strolls out in comfort, paired seamlessly with her Vans. With a unique eye for the unconventional, each of Alicia’s sock creations transforms into a source of unbridled joy and laughter, ensuring every step is a stride in delightful eccentricity.

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