I’ve never worked somewhere that hosted a “Pink Day“. But I like the idea a lot. Pink days, if you don’t know, are specified work days when employers encourage their team to wear pink, thereby increasing breast cancer awareness and, in most cases, raising money for the cause based on each individual item of pink worn.

Sounds so great! Of course, this is coming from someone who can wash a load of pinks every week (no joke). But still, great idea. Especially during the month of October, which is recognized every year as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the globe:

U.S. White House
Toyko Tower
Botanico Curitiba in Brasil

But in hopes of stirring up the idea of creating a Pink Day at your workplace, here are some stylie pink items (naturally starting with Sock It to Me socks) that you may want to work into your pink outfit… to also don at another time, of course:

Denim pencil skirt, $54 at www.americanapparel.com
Knit beanie, www.paulfrank.com
Cardigan, $148 at www.jcrew.com
Corral boots, $249.99 at www.sheplers.com
Scarf, $138 at www.anthropologie.com
Birdie Tank Top, $28 at www.frockboutique.com
Simple D Kay sneakers, $59.95 at www.nordstrom.com
Aviator sunglasses, $65 at www.betseyjohnson.com
Bomber jacket, $59.99 at www.modcloth.com
Cameo locket, $14.99 at www.fredflare.com

Sheesh! All this shopping has made me tired and hungry. For some reason I am craving cotton candy and bubble gum… At any rate, I encourage you to spread awareness through a Pink Day of your own. I’ve heard varying stats, but anywhere from one in four to one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Remember lost ones; fight for a cure. In loving memory of my Aunt Renee… xoxo, Becky


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