Sexy Stripes

You know when you forget you have something in your closet and you re-discover it and re-fall-in-love with it like it’s brand spankin’ new? I love that. It’s kind of like when you find cash in the pocket of your day-four denim. Or when you recover a missing sock that’s been MIA for months. There’s something about it that just makes you want to celebrate.

Well that’s sort-of what happened the other day when I “re-discovered” my stripes. I mean, WOW. I had forgotten how dang sexy they are. Not only that, they are so sleek and comfy. And when I am having a “fat leg” day, they stretch better than any other style. It’s like butter. On your leg. In striped fashion.

Ok. So that’s a weird image. But that’s what happens when I get excited; I ramble. So instead of talking about them, I’ll just show you what I mean. Take this photo, for instance. Which ones really pop? I would argue the stripes do. I mean look at them! Sassy!!

Sexy Stripes

If you’re like us and have called for a striped sock revival in your life, we’ve got a number of stripes to choose from. Whether you want bright stripes with a color-popping heel and toe:

Striped knee high socksCC


…or if you’re more of a simple, two-tone stripes kinda gal (or fellow):


… or maybe you prefer a multitude of stripes:



Believe it or not, there’s more! New this year are two additional stripe categories. One: Stripes featuring a “star” detail on the toe:

CC Detail CC Detail

Or try one of three new styles in our fresh Curvy Girl line (made with extra stretch and stay-up power):

Cc ACcCc

Any way you look at it, any style you choose, one thing is for sure: stripes are back, baby. That’s right. We’re bringing sexy back. Consider this your memo. xo

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