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Building outfits… with a bit of inspiration

I love outfit-making. Not because I want to be super-stylish, ahead-of-the-trends cool, but because it’s an art. I enjoy colorizing and accessorizing, and breaking all the “rules” that many people dress by. After all, dressing is supposed to be fun. Plus, if you can get creative with your wardrobe, and use the same pieces to create altogether different looks, it will save you beaucoup bucks in the end.

While looking for some inspiration, I found a slew of in-house videos made from a gal who calls herself, “xJOLE”. Her videos are fantastic. Firstly, because she offers a delightful “how-to” approach that isn’t at all cheesy. Secondly, because she often reuses the same pieces to create varied looks, which, as I said above, is KEY to making the most out of your wardrobe.

Besides all of this, xJOLE films her “how-to’s” in her messy bedroom, the backdrop made up disheveled drawers and an unkempt bed piled with clothes. I love it. No frills, just facts. (And really cute clothes!) 

I am going to be stalking her YouTube vids, myself, but if you want a taste of her style, check out this video, a Fashion Segment for “First Date Outfits”:

Also, check out this link for the “Outfit of the Day” she put together for Mother’s Day. I love her pretty, prep-school style, don’t you? It just makes me want to shopping… sigh. Maybe I’ll start with my closet.

The Baby Leg Warmer Look

Last summer was the summer of wedding invites. But this summer, it’s birth announcements and baby showers. That means gifting season is once again upon us. But buying for babies is my favorite gifting of all. There is something about those leetle, itty bitty clothes that makes us swoon in delight and splurge beyond budget. Are you with me? Come on now, I know I’m not alone. 

Well, not many people know this, but we at Sock it to Me make baby leg warmers. And honestly, they are brilliant! For someone who doesn’t own a baby (ahaha, “own”) but, as a good friend, has offered to change a diaper or two in the past, I truly believe baby leg warmers are a MUST for every single person with a baby on board. No taking off the pants. Just un-snap the onesie and voila! Diaper duty done!  

Besides this, they are cute. Like, really really cute.I found a bunch of adorable pictures on the web of babies in leg warmers, and I even have a few snaps of my BFF’s precious son, Alistair Bing, sporting our first-run Sock it to Me leg warmers for tykes. Take a look: 


After this trial run, we ended up making our baby leg warmers shorter. From what we produced, my absolute favorite pair matches a bit of princess pink with punk rock pride with alternating skulls and hearts. I just love em! (Honestly, I wish we had a pair for adults!) 

And here is the lovely Adeline, sporting the punk rock look with utmost style:


Cute, cute, cute! I’ve gotta tell you, outfit making for babies is one of life’s little treasures. And if you need an idea, yourself, here is my next outfit to gift:

The Leg Warmers (Baby Giraffes + Elephants!)
The Onesie

The Shoes

>> Onesie found at PunkBabyClothes.net, shoes found at EverAfterStore.com… and legwarmers found at SockItToMe.com, of course! 🙂