SITM photo shoot in the works

I would argue that those of us who know and love Sock It to Me have developed a personal, unique style bent on pulling off the knee-high look with creativity and charm. Be it quirky or classy, my personal style changes day-to-day based on the socks I want to flaunt. At this point, we SITM fans have amassed a multitude of looks that reach far beyond the standard skirt-and-mary-janes combo.

All this to say, we’re finally (FINALLY!) doing a photo shoot. A real photo shoot (as in: not in Carrie’s bedroom with a simple point-and-shoot camera)… with models and fun clothes, plus our very own (and very loved) hair/makeup stylist, Ti Kivett, and the amazing Jared Birt as photographer. Can you sense our excitement? Oh, it’s great.

Our photo shoot space!

What’s more, we are shooting this awesomeness at one of our fave resale shops in town… yes, Buffalo Exchange, a place where all things wonderful hang side-by-side in one huge space of hip, creative expression. We love the look they have, with the exposed beams above and the raw brick matched with a luxe, lime green accent wall (they painted after this picture was taken, on the left).

PLUS we have access to all of their clothes, shoes, and accessories, which means we’ll be able to pull off all the looks we love with just one “shopping” location. [Speaking from someone who has directed other fashion shoots over the years, this makes life a lot easier. And more fun!]

We’re excited to make it happen, and we’re excited to get the photos from the shoot out there into the public eye. We’re shooting next week, so it should be soon! We’ll post a bunch of them on our website, so make sure to check the site often… well, if you’re dying to see them, like we are. Ha

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