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Fun Wedding Style for the Groom

It’s becoming a trend at this point. And we love it.

Yep, we’re talking about groomsmen wearing fun socks. Playful socks. Socks that catch your eye and make you grin. Already we have seen a few publications go this route, asking us for images and ideas, from Oregon Bride Magazine to Phoenix Bride and Groom.

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Think Pink (breast cancer awareness)

I’ve never worked somewhere that hosted a “Pink Day“. But I like the idea a lot. Pink days, if you don’t know, are specified work days when employers encourage their team to wear pink, thereby increasing breast cancer awareness and, in most cases, raising money for the cause based on each individual item of pink worn.

Sounds so great! Of course, this is coming from someone who can wash a load of pinks every week (no joke). But still, great idea. Especially during the month of October, which is recognized every year as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the globe:

U.S. White House
Toyko Tower
Botanico Curitiba in Brasil

But in hopes of stirring up the idea of creating a Pink Day at your workplace, here are some stylie pink items (naturally starting with Sock It to Me socks) that you may want to work into your pink outfit… to also don at another time, of course:

Denim pencil skirt, $54 at www.americanapparel.com
Knit beanie, www.paulfrank.com
Cardigan, $148 at www.jcrew.com
Corral boots, $249.99 at www.sheplers.com
Scarf, $138 at www.anthropologie.com
Birdie Tank Top, $28 at www.frockboutique.com
Simple D Kay sneakers, $59.95 at www.nordstrom.com
Aviator sunglasses, $65 at www.betseyjohnson.com
Bomber jacket, $59.99 at www.modcloth.com
Cameo locket, $14.99 at www.fredflare.com

Sheesh! All this shopping has made me tired and hungry. For some reason I am craving cotton candy and bubble gum… At any rate, I encourage you to spread awareness through a Pink Day of your own. I’ve heard varying stats, but anywhere from one in four to one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Remember lost ones; fight for a cure. In loving memory of my Aunt Renee… xoxo, Becky

The Photo Shoot

In my last blog post, I shared news about our upcoming photo shoot. Well, said photo shoot came and went without a hitch. It was a fantastic event, thanks to all who invested their time and energy. We have to give mad props (once again) to Buffalo Exchange for allowing us to set up shop at the crack of dawn, use one of their managers as a model, and pretty much destroy the place with our presence (which we, of course, cleaned up in the end). We will eventually show off all of these pictures on our website, in our catalog, and beyond. But for now, here’s a little glimpse of all the action…

Our "rack" of clothes and accessories!
Great models, great style.
Our photographer, Mr. Jared Birt, in action.
Ali showing off one of our new fall socks.
Model in the making (Stylist Ti Kivett is a master of her trade)!
Adding a silver locket for luck... or rather, luster.
Stoked about the Old Man Look (which we paired with beer socks, btw!).
Rockin the retro vibe... with Photog Master Jared.

SITM photo shoot in the works

I would argue that those of us who know and love Sock It to Me have developed a personal, unique style bent on pulling off the knee-high look with creativity and charm. Be it quirky or classy, my personal style changes day-to-day based on the socks I want to flaunt. At this point, we SITM fans have amassed a multitude of looks that reach far beyond the standard skirt-and-mary-janes combo. 

All this to say, we’re finally (FINALLY!) doing a photo shoot. A real photo shoot (as in: not in Carrie’s bedroom with a simple point-and-shoot camera)… with models and fun clothes, plus our very own (and very loved) hair/makeup stylist, Ti Kivett, and the amazing Jared Birt as photographer. Can you sense our excitement? Oh, it’s great.

Our photo shoot space!

What’s more, we are shooting this awesomeness at one of our fave resale shops in town… yes, Buffalo Exchange, a place where all things wonderful hang side-by-side in one huge space of hip, creative expression. We love the look they have, with the exposed beams above and the raw brick matched with a luxe, lime green accent wall (they painted after this picture was taken, on the left).

PLUS we have access to all of their clothes, shoes, and accessories, which means we’ll be able to pull off all the looks we love with just one “shopping” location. [Speaking from someone who has directed other fashion shoots over the years, this makes life a lot easier. And more fun!]

We’re excited to make it happen, and we’re excited to get the photos from the shoot out there into the public eye. We’re shooting next week, so it should be soon! We’ll post a bunch of them on our website, so make sure to check the site often… well, if you’re dying to see them, like we are. Ha

Helmet Style for the Bike Betty

Okay, so this has nothing to do with socks. But it has everything to do with style, and that’s really what we sell here at Sock It to Me.

Plus, we live in Portland, and biking is to Portland as igloos are to the North Pole. They just go together. More than that, biking has become our identity. So of course we were upset when that identity was recently robbed by Minneapolis, who overthrew Portland as the “Best Bike-Friendly City” in Bicycling magazine’s annual list of pro-cycle cities. Well, the 2010 results have only encouraged us Portlanders to do everything we can to earn back our #1 spot next year. Personally speaking, I think it’s time to pull out all the stops and go for fashion bonus points. (Because style wins ’em over every time!)

Well, I found this flippin gorgeous helmet manufacturer who scored huge in my book for re-thinking a market that so needs some fashion love. I mean, come on, helmets are perhaps the ugliest thing I’ve ever adorned. How do you expect me to wear one without putting up a fight? (NOTE: I advocate protecting the noggin’ at all costs… no matter how ugly it can be.)

So thank you, Yakkay, for creating something pretty for us. I truly adore this helmet, the “Tokyo” style. It’s just precious:

Yakkay – Tokyo

And I also love the “Paris”… it’s uber hip and sexy, with everyday appeal and wear-ability:

Yakkay – Paris

I would also argue that there is a too-far-gone extreme to this fashion-forward helmet business. It looks something like this. I’m speechless…

From me (Becky) to you (general public), please don’t go too far, like this. But don’t take yourself too seriously, either. Just have fun (in a style-setter kind-of way).