Last month, we showcased at POOL (probably our favorite trade show of the year!), and we had a special little treat for all of the attendees – Sock It to Me’s SUPER Sock Exchange!  We invited all of the press and buyers to join us in the Sock It to Me lounge to exchange their current socks for a funky, NEW pair of Sock It to Me’s!  And, man, did we have an amazing turnout!!!

Remember your first pair of Sock It to Me’s?!  Since we work in a warehouse packed to the brim with socks, we sometimes forget the excitement of getting your first pair!  At the Sock Exchange, it was SO much fun getting to share in the magic of the first time again, and we just had to share with you a few fun pictures of our new-found Sock It to Me fans and their HUGE smiles as they try on their first pair of our crazy socks!



Probably the best part of our jobs is YOU – our crazy, eclectic group of fans!  We’ve always believed that Sock It to Me had a style for everyone, and looking through all of these pictures from POOL really proved it!




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