SITM Feature in Fast Company!

We LOVE when our socks are featured in magazines, blogs, TV shows, and, well, just about anywhere!  (In fact, if you flip through the September issue of Seventeen, you’ll see our socks featured in about 5 different places!)  But we especially enjoyed our recent feature in Fast Company!  We loved the piece that David Zax wrote on Sock It to Me, right on down to the title – “How Cute Socks Conquered the World.”  Carrie “met” David via a Skype interview from a hotel in New York, and they chatted about Sock It to Me.  Not only was the Fast Company special because it reminded us of just how far we’ve really come, it was also completely unexpected!  When Carrie was selling socks for a booth at the weekend fair in Portland years ago, she never imagined she would one day be sitting in front of a computer doing an interview with Fast Company about how far her company has come!

You’ve probably heard the Sock It to Me story before, but there are probably a few new things you haven’t heard before!  Make sure to check out this great article to hear the details straight from Carrie’s mouth:




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