6th Annual Portland Design-a-Sock Contest Fast Facts!

In honor of our 6th Annual Portland Design-a-Sock Contest (Can you believe it’s been 6 years?!  Where has the time gone?!), we wanted to share a few fun facts with our fans (YOU!) who make this whole contest possible!

We received a GRAND TOTAL of (drum roll, please!) 1,724 submissions!  WOWZA!  The mailman dropped off 665 of those amazing submissions in our mailbox, and another 1,059 came through our email (talk about inbox overload!)

Although we didn’t specifically ask for entrants to provide their age, a few of our fabulous fans listed it anyway.  According to those ages that were given, the entrants ranged from 5 years old to 61 years old!  Did any entrants from this contest fall outside that range? Let us know!

Each year the designs get crazier & crazier, and we LOVE passing the wackiest ones around the office!  Two of the most creative designs we received this year were the acupuncture points map for the foot and a sock that showed every form of transportation from foot to knee going from submarine to hot air balloon.  The transportation sock was appropriately named “Around the World in 80 Ways.”  The Portland creativity never seizes to amaze us!

With so many entries, there are also always common themes that pop up in each contest, and we love knowing what topics our fans are most interested in!  This year, our most common themes were:

  • cats
  • aliens & abductions
  • underwater creatures (especially tentacles and narwhals)
  • bacon
  • ‘scape scenes (landscapes & cityscapes)
  • Portland bridges

So many GREAT designs in one contest!  Check out these 3 entries that put a smile on all of our faces:

“The Terminator Unleashed”


“Flaming Toilet”


"Bunnies Don't Poop Jelly Beans"


Have you gotten a chance to put your vote in yet?!  If not, head on over to our Facebook right now to get your vote in before October 5th!  And you definitely won’t want to miss the announcement of the winners – also happening this Friday!




  1. To all my friends!!!! Please look at my personal page and click on the sock I have pictured. This is my best friends son who also has autism and aspergers!!! He is an inspirational child and is graduating high school this yr and has over a 3.2 grade average. Please support him. I have over 80 friends on my list and i would hope this would be inspirational to all you as well.

  2. I know for a fact that two of your entrants were 62 & 73 years old…..
    And, at least one of them is a WASP……

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