What happens to missing socks?

In honor of Lost Sock Memorial Day (yes, it’s a real holiday), we at Sock It to Me ponder the missing singles of our once-happy pairs. Where have they gone? Have they been taken? Did they wander off? Will we ever see them again?



  1. A combination of heat and centrifugal force (in the dryer) create a tear in the space/time continuum. Socks easily slip thru into another dimension.

  2. Our ever so caring cat overloads sock them away to keep us us on our toes.

  3. Sock gnomes, on a top secret special mission, hide behind the dryer, sneak into the lint trap, steal one of each sock to plant in special rows of the garden gnomes garden’s. The gnomes work together to harvest the small sock seedlings to endure the gnomes far & wide have awesome socks & warm feet all year round.

  4. That’s an easy one. The cats steal them to power the collective cat world domination machine. If you have a dog, the dog gets duped by the cats in the neighborhood to steal socks for the CCWDM. Those without pets, well, cats are sneaky. They come in at night. Or they get the rats and mice in the area to help.

  5. I think they go to a mythical island of lost socks, presided over by one Peter Plaid where they wait to be rescued from Captain Darning Needle by the Darling children in their argyles accompanied by Nana the sock sniffing St. Bernard.

  6. The elves that come in at night to dirty up dishes and hide car keys also take socks to use as sleeping bags.

  7. Lost socks become central characters in a fractured fairy tale, where they take the much comfier role of the glass slipper. But in this story, Cinderella is a strong young woman who stands on her own and chooses not to marry into the politics of a royal marriage She deserts her step mother and sisters to be an entrepreneur, making lovely, eccentric must have art pieces from lost socks–the best of which are made from Sock it to Me socks!

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