Meet the Sock: STRETCH-IT™ Pride


Pride is a special sock, and not just because it’s the only of its kind. I’m not lion.


SITM: What are you bringing to the Sock It to Me line?

Pride: Well, we’re the only pair of socks to ONLY be produced as a STRETCH-IT.

SITM: What shoes do you think you go best with?

Pride: Something simple, we like being the mane attraction.

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Pride: We bring everyone’s inner lion or lioness out.

SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Pride: RAWR like you mean it.

SITM: What is your perfect date?

Pride: We love parades. Safari or otherwise.

SITM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Pride: Everywhere! Everything the light touches is our kingdom.


Are you ready to be royal? Get some Pride socks before the lion’s share is taken.