Jamie Wyeth

Jamie Wyeth: great American artist, island dweller, crazy sock lover.

JamiePainting5_resizeLittle makes us happier here at Sock It to Me than the diversity of our fans. Your different interests, skills, and ways you view the world make us think we’re doing something right. Finding out that Jamie Wyeth is a fan of ours definitely feels like a feather in our cap. We try to bring art into everyday life and he seems to think we’re doing a good job. We got a chance to ask him a few questions about art and socks, and it seems like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Jamie lives on Monhegan, an island off the coast of Maine where trails can often be muddy. Because of this, he frequently wears boots with “trousers [cut] to knicker length”. These shorts are the perfect way to keep his pants dry while displaying colorful, artistic socks! JamieWyethRetrospective_resizeHe has been spotted wearing our socks all over, including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts where the inaugural Jamie Wyeth retrospective was held. The retrospective spanned 60 years of work created by Wyeth, about 100 pieces all together, documenting his take on many important moments in America’s history.

Jamie sees the world differently than most people, which, we’d say, is true of most Sock It to Me fans. You can see this in any of his landscapes or portraits. He sees more than meets the eye and is able to bring those features to life. “I live in a world that manifests into my art – and it is highly personal,” says Wyeth of his unique perspective.


Art is the best way Jamie has found to express his unique world view. This is understandable given the complex and beautiful world he lives in. Jamie told us, “I only express myself through my art. Well, maybe sometimes through my choice of socks!”

Perhaps someday soon, our two worlds will collide.

View more of Jamie Wyeth’s artwork.


  1. I was told that you had socks with Jamie Wyeth paintings on them. Is this true and if so, which?

  2. We will have some…soon! We’ll include his name on the product descriptions and we’ll probably say something on here too.

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