Not sure what to write about today….what kinds of things would guys like to hear about?

Was very busy the last couple weeks.  Not only did we receive a 20ft container of product but I was also on a planning committee for an entrepreneurial event.  I am a member of the local (Portland) entrepreneurial group StaveUps and we had a big event last weekend that was like a crash course for early stage businesses.  It was a day and a half of networking, panel discussions on topics such as; raising money, branding, and sales.  There were also keynote speakers, activities, and food. It was a lot of work but I was happy to be a part of it.

We’ve got some new branding going on ourselves.  We are working on getting a new look to our website, labels, business cards, etc.  We are going to keep the basics but just polish everything up a bit.  Here is a sneak peak of what our new labels will look like:


We were going for something a little more professional and little less ameteur.  I couldn’t get rid of the girl, although it was suggested.  She’s just such intregarl part of the brand I couldn’t part with her.  And speaking of “her”  she doens’t even have a name.  She is always referred to as “the girl”.  Any suggestions?

That’s it for now.  Thanks all for checking in.


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  1. I first found your socks on a trip to Seattle where there were a couple pairs of socks in a little boutique in Pike Place Market. It was right after The Carrot was released. When I inquired about your socks and found out you lived, and worked in Portland, and sold your socks in your own booth in at the Portland Saturday Market, I was ecstatic that you were local and couldn’t wait to get home to Portland and make a visit to meet you and see the rest of your socks. I did, and had a great time talking to you, and buying several pairs of your socks. I went back again and again and your socks remain my favorite socks. I was disappointed this last weekend when I went to the Saturday Market to get my friend some socks for her birthday, and stock up for myself, and you weren’t there, but that a small amount of your socks were being sold by someone else. I’m happy for you that you’re moving on up in your business, but bummed you weren’t there, and that ALL of your socks weren’t available as I went there to get a specific pair that I discovered are only online. It was cool to see your punchy girl logo on a label for each pair of socks. The last time I’d purchased some there wasn’t a cardboard tag/label for them. I think it’d be a huge mistake to remove her, the punchy girl, as I and I’m sure others identify YOUR socks with the punchy girl. If I saw a different logo with the same name, I’d question whether they were still YOUR socks, and wonder if you’d sold them out to another company. Don’t let anyone talk you out of her, she’s awesome, I and everyone that I show her to think she’s FAB, and original. I love that she’s hand drawn and not some generic computer graphic. I hope that you don’t cut out her whole body either from the logo, my friends and I like that she’s in a leotard and you can see her whole action punch shot. Please don’t change the socks, the logo, or YOUR style. Keep it simple, keep it real like it has been! Thank you for making the bestest, knee-highest sockiest, my favoritestes socks ever! LOVE your socks!!!!!!!

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