I kinda feel like updating this blog is like homework.  I know I should do it and I know I planned to do it, but I’m always finding myself putting it off.  I mean its fun when I actually have something I want to share, but when I put the parameters on myself to write weekly I find myself dreading the task because I don’t know what to write about.  Well…here is something I can share, I just learned about this cool time lapse recording feature on my camera (Thanks Garrett) and think it will be fun to share stuff via short video clips.  I tried it out last week when sending out some socks to Journeys.  They are my biggest client and when they order they don’t mess around!  This last order was 119 boxes which equals over 20,000 pairs of socks!  That’s me in the video huffing the boxes with Kisa onto the truck.  Bon voyage socks! Have a safe trip!  (Since I was just getting used to this function, video comes in two parts.)………………a half hour later……..o.k. guys, this is going to have to be put on hold since I can’t seem to figure out how to get the video up.  This post will be updated soon, once I get Amber’s tech brain on it.  Check back soon.  Thanks guys and gals!  Happy Monday.


Amber to the rescue!

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