Employee Profile: Shannon


What’s your name?


What’s your position at Sock It to Me?

Accounts Payable Specialist

How long have you worked at Sock It to Me?

Since March 2014

What is your favorite Sock It to Me sock currently?

Sea Turtle

What do you like to do outside of work?

Roller Derby!

Do you have any strange or unique talents? Or maybe just a regular one? Something your co-workers don’t know about? OMG tell us!

I absolutely adore RuPaul’s Drag Race and host a weekly kiki for new episodes. I also used to be a backup dancer for drag queens.

What do you like most about working at Sock It to Me?

This is the first grown up job with benefits that I have had. I like that Sock It to Me has an inclusive atmosphere and is dedicated to the health and happiness of each of its employees. This company has given myself and my family many opportunities that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

What do you think our customers love most about Sock It to Me?

Knowing that the company is focused on bringing a little more joy and empowerment to the world.

What type of clothing do you think Sock It to Me should move into next?

Larger sizes and different cuts for our underwear line.

What is one food you can’t live without, and why?

Curry, because the anti-inflammatory properties give me super powers for playing even more derby!

X-Ray Vision or Flight?

Flight, for sure.


  1. Shannon,
    I am not sure if you remember me, (Martha Rose) but we worked together, briefly at Fred Meyers. I happened to look at this site (looking for some fun socks) and saw your profile and let out a little “Sqeeee, I know her!” I am so happy to see that you seem to be happy and enjoying your life. I too, have moved on from FM (thank the gods) and am doing well. Just wanted to say HI and wish you a very happy holiday!
    Martha Rose

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