Congratulations to Alaina Moeai for correctly identifying yesterday’s hints as the brand new Jellyfish socks!


Ready for Day 4?!  Ready, set, go!

  1. You can find me every 12 feet in a home. 
  2. I’m a world traveler, so you can find me all over the world, although I typically change my look from country to country.
  3. Although many Americans will vouch for my usefulness, I cause nearly 4,000 injuries a year.

As always, just a quick reminder of the rules….

  • Each day this week (11/26 – 11/30) we will post 3 hints on our blog.  These 3 hints correspond specifically with ONE current Sock It to Me sock design.
  • The first person to correctly guess which sock design our 3 hints are describing AND email their correct guess to [email protected] will win that pair of socks!
  • If you need help brushing up on your Sock It to Me knowledge, check out all of our current sock designs on our site –
  • You must EMAIL your guess in.  Facebook posts & comments will not be accepted as entries.



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