CONTEST Day 3: Ultimate Sock It to Me Expert!

Wow, tons of you guessed yesterday’s sock correctly – Sock It to Me’s Foos sock!  A big congratulations to Michelle Warnke for being the first to send in the correct answer!


Ready for Day 3 of the Ultimate Sock It to Me Expert?!  Here are your 3 hints!

  1. When I’m with my friends, we’re referred to as a “bloom” or “swarm.”
  2. Although I typically only live for a few hours to several months, my kind has been around for at least 500 million years, if not more.
  3. People are fascinated by me, but only like to admire me from a distance.

And just in case you need a reminder of the rules….

  • Each day this week (11/26 – 11/30) we will post 3 hints on our blog.  These 3 hints correspond specifically with ONE current Sock It to Me sock design.
  • The first person to correctly guess which sock design our 3 hints are describing AND email their correct guess to will win that pair of socks!
  • If you need help brushing up on your Sock It to Me knowledge, check out all of our current sock designs on our site –
  • You must EMAIL your guess in.  Facebook posts & comments will not be accepted as entries.






  1. Almost an even split between the Bumblee socks and the Jellyfish socks. But a BIG congratulations to Alaina Moeai for being the 1st to guess JELLYFISH!!! Stay tuned for Day 4’s hints very, very soon!!!

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