A few of our favorite snaps…

Two important things I learned back in journalism school: 1. Photos speak louder than words; and 2. The average reader spends only about 20 seconds on a story before they move on. That’s a tough crowd! But I would agree that time is one of our most prized commodities. So, by all means, protect it!

So with that in mind, I thought I’d just share some customer photos we have on file. Just because they’re great. We’d love it if you sent us some sock photos, yourself! Just email us. Who knows, you could get some web love, too.

3 thoughts on “A few of our favorite snaps…”

  1. These pics are great! – I would use a few of them in your advertising! The bikes & the carrots are AWESOME!

  2. I’ve noticed a few of your socks at my League’s Roller Derby practice. So far the peacock, ninja and cat ones have shown up. Do you ever sponsor teams? We love socks!!!

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