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Seven Looks in Seven Days – Day 3

Woot, woot. It’s Friday. Oh my. I am ready for the weekend. Hopefully it’s really long and filled with a good mix of rest and fun and play. That’s all I have to say.

This is one of Carrie’s new fall jackets. I like it because it’s surprisingly versatile for its plaid pattern and is a nice change from the standard solid grey and black jackets we’ve all stashed in our closets over the years. Best of all, it has a super-sized collar that protects the face and neck from the all-too prevalent Oregon rain. Paired with tailored shorts, leggings, socks, and boots, this outfit keeps fashion fresh by showing off some good layered fun… which is my favorite part of fall dressing. Bring on the layers, baby!

Look #3: Plaid jacket + tailored shorts + leggings + Tiny Rose knee-highs + shortie boots

Seven Looks in Seven Days – Day 2

Today is one of those Portland days where the weather wavers between gorgeous and yucky, on and off, all day. It’s annoying. At this point, I’ve learned. But it took me a while. You can pretty much wrap it all up into three rules: One, always carry sunglasses. Two, always bring a raincoat. Three, never expect the weatherman to be right. Once you’ve accepted those key points, you’re set.

Even the fashion-forward know that you simply have to adjust your wardrobe to accommodate our perpetual chance of rain. For instance, suede and satin shoes are most assuredly out. Unless you like playing the roulette wheel of chance, which I don’t recommend.  (“Oh they’ll be fine! I’m sure. I just have to have them.”) Yeah… um, that never works out. Most of us have learned this the hard way. So we started spending our money on rain boots and chic, brimmed caps. You do what you gotta do.

Traditionally, I don’t ever carry an umbrella. I bought this one (below) the day before I moved to Portland, four years ago. Since then, I may have used it once. What can I say? I’m a Portlander now. Umbrellas are out of style. However, it did match my outfit, thus I threw it in for good measure. So there you go. Now I’ve used it twice.

Look #2: Double-breasted wool coat + cap + rubber rain boots + tights + cute socks

Can you tell we had fun shooting these outfits? Oh yes, lots of fun to be had at SITM!

Seven Looks in Seven Days – Day 1

Carrie and I both love fall looks. My favorite part is the boots and socks layered over tights. Carrie’s favorite part: the jackets. Together, I think we make a pretty stylish team. So we decided to rock the photo shoot, round 2. It just so happened that it was a gorgeous fall day. And the leaves had gathered in such a splendid splay of color that our stage seemed straight out of a storybook.

Not unlike our leg warmer photo shoot last June, this “B” rate shoot was nothing short of goofy. After splitting one big Bubba burrito, we raked through her wardrobe, hit the streets, and got to snapping. It was super fun. And slightly dorky. But we’re okay with that.

Look #1: The Bridge & Burn Jacket and Sock It to Me Brown Birds

Keep up with our looks over the next week; we’ll have a new fun look every day!

Helmet Style for the Bike Betty

Okay, so this has nothing to do with socks. But it has everything to do with style, and that’s really what we sell here at Sock It to Me.

Plus, we live in Portland, and biking is to Portland as igloos are to the North Pole. They just go together. More than that, biking has become our identity. So of course we were upset when that identity was recently robbed by Minneapolis, who overthrew Portland as the “Best Bike-Friendly City” in Bicycling magazine’s annual list of pro-cycle cities. Well, the 2010 results have only encouraged us Portlanders to do everything we can to earn back our #1 spot next year. Personally speaking, I think it’s time to pull out all the stops and go for fashion bonus points. (Because style wins ’em over every time!)

Well, I found this flippin gorgeous helmet manufacturer who scored huge in my book for re-thinking a market that so needs some fashion love. I mean, come on, helmets are perhaps the ugliest thing I’ve ever adorned. How do you expect me to wear one without putting up a fight? (NOTE: I advocate protecting the noggin’ at all costs… no matter how ugly it can be.)

So thank you, Yakkay, for creating something pretty for us. I truly adore this helmet, the “Tokyo” style. It’s just precious:

Yakkay – Tokyo

And I also love the “Paris”… it’s uber hip and sexy, with everyday appeal and wear-ability:

Yakkay – Paris

I would also argue that there is a too-far-gone extreme to this fashion-forward helmet business. It looks something like this. I’m speechless…

From me (Becky) to you (general public), please don’t go too far, like this. But don’t take yourself too seriously, either. Just have fun (in a style-setter kind-of way).