Summer is for Adventure


Here at Sock It to Me, we’re still surprised each year when we don’t have a summer break. You’ll find us adventuring whenever we can—camping, going on road trips, and, of course, a combination of the two.

Whether it’s near or far, getting out of the daily grind and away from it all is a summer must. In Portland, our summer is brief, so we try to pack in as much adventure as we can. Here are our suggestions and tips for packing more adventure into your summer and knocking things off your bucket list!

Just GO!

There are a million reasons to postpone that trip you’ve been meaning to take, but none of them should stop you from going. There’s never a perfect time to let your responsibilities go. We all tend to put off visiting that friend, going to that national park, or finding adventure on the road because we’re too busy and can do it later. Now is the perfect time to get going! Even without a destination, half the fun is in the trip itself. You’ll come back with great stories and a refreshed perspective.Wind Sock

Sock It to Me! Trip Tips

sock-iconRemember all the roadside attractions you drove past on the way to your final destination? Those you just didn’t have time for? Make a road trip based on visiting those.
sock-iconSometimes narrowing down the places you want to go is the challenge. Pick any state and we guarantee you’ll find something there that you want to see.

Even if it’s Not Too Far

You don’t have to go far to be in a whole new world. You’d be surprised what may lie just outside your zip code. Get old fashioned and get yourself a paper map of your surrounding area. Chances are you haven’t been to all the small towns in your neck of the woods and they are just waiting to show you what they’ve got.Image-1

Sock It to Me! Trip Tips

sock-icon Find small towns close to you to visit. They don’t need tourist attractions to be full of adventure. Talk to some residents: ask about local folklore, history, hot spots.
sock-iconCamping is closer than you think. You don’t need a national park to get a good camp experience, just a little patch of wilderness can make all the difference.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Don’t have time to get out of town? Get out of your comfort zone! You can get that “out in the elements” feeling by doing something new in your area. What is it that people visit your city to see and do? Take some time to walk the streets of your town and get reacquainted with it. We all tend to visit our favorite restaurants and coffee shops—it could be as simple as walking to the next neighborhood over. Even a small adventure is still an adventure: different perspective on your town can open up all sorts of new doors.Sockness

Sock It to Me! Trip Tips

sock-iconIf you live near water, there’s probably a bustling boat community. Find a rental place near you to get hooked up with all possible water activities.
sock-iconJoin a team. There are lots of pop up teams that form during just the nicer months of the year from kickball to ping pong.
sock-iconWhen’s the last time you went to see a drive in? Many places have outdoor movies in the summer, too. Pack a dinner and make a night of it!

If you need further inspiration, check out our Instagram to see where we’ve been letting our Sock It to Me covered feet take us. Tag us in your #sitmsummer adventures or let us know about them in the comments!

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