Forget flowers – Valentine’s Day is for socks!

We’ve all come to expect the usual on Valentine’s Day – chalky heart candies, a box full of chocolate, the sappy movies, (sitting alone in your apartment drinking wine and watching reruns of “Golden Girls) etc. This year we want to do a Sock It To Me overhaul on this quickly-approaching holiday & spread some Valentine cheer through the feet of all you love birds! Below you’ll see listed all of our lovey, dovey, sweetie pie, heart-filled, ooey-gooey socks perfect for you and your valentine!





Hearts: Does your valentine prefer a traditional kind of sock wear – then these are perfect! Our most blatant and lovey option to show your devotion on this holiday, our Hearts design will be the perfect complement to any Valentine ensamble!





Stitched Rose: This year, skip the bouquet and head right for the feet! Socks are a better gift all around considering they live a WHOLE lot longer than a bunch of murdered flowers and these socks look great with a pair of boots! (We bet you’ve never heard anyone say that about a bouquet of flowers!)






Sock Monkey Love: Do you feel like you’re watching “Inception” when you look at these puppies? You should, this design not only makes hearts swell with it’s cuteness, but it also blows the minds of everyone who comes in contact with them. A sock monkey ON a sock? Whew! Trippy. Thankfully, the design is so distractingly darling, we don’t have to worry about the meta-ness for very long.









Manatee: Could there BE anything cuter than a love-struck manatee? It may be a bit creepy if that manatee had a major crush on you, but let’s not think about that, but let’s think about two manatees falling in love, sharing a malt with two straws and having the most amazing manatee wedding!


Otk Red Heart




Over the Knee Red Heart: Va va va vooooooom! Happy Valentine’s Day to whomever puts these vixenish Over The Knees on to wow their sweetheart. Add some spice to your holiday this year!






Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope we helped you choose the best footwear possible for the big day!

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