The Sock It to Me “Behind the Scene” Series: Take 7

Introducing our amazing Customer Service Special Agent – Sarah!

Sock It To Me Employee Bio Sarah

Name: Sarah

Position at SITM: Customer Service Special Agent (like Dale Cooper…sorta).

Years at SITM: It’ll be one year in August 2013!

Favorite pair of SITM socks: The magenta and hot green leopard print ones…oldies but goodies.

Tell us a bit about yourself in less than 120 words: I’m a book loving, bike riding, cupcake eating, old movie watching, cat snuggling, short story writing, bright eye makeup wearing, crazy-haired, music obsessed adventurer.

What were you doing before you started working at SITM? I was slingin’ juice at a juice cart, bicycle dancing with The Sprockettes, and sleeping late.

One food item you could not live without: Cupcakes!

Where are you going when the zombie apocalypse happens? I’m going to steal a yacht and sail around the world with my boyfriend and my cat, stopping along the way to get supplies…maybe settle on an island somewhere with a garden and a sword like Michonne has on The Walking Dead.

What sock do you wish SITM had? Ouija Board socks (I like the creepy stuff).