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The Apparel Industry Is Getting Better at Inclusivity, but There’s Still Work to Do

STRETCH-IT stretches to an industry-best 21″

When Sock It to Me first started, our goal was to make confidence-inspiring socks to sell to as many people as possible. As more and more people started noticing our socks, we realized there was a problem. Not everyone who wanted our socks could wear them because they didn’t fit. Since then, we’ve taken steps to address the problem. Five years ago, for example, we started offering STRETCH-IT socks–the best socks in the industry for wide calves. This year, we started offering Women’s Hipster underwear in sizes to 3X–and more sizes for men and women are coming early next year. We’re proud of these steps toward making our products more inclusive, and aware there are more steps to take still.

Inclusivity is a huge word, packed with meaning and implication. It’s a realization that certain parts of the world are inherently biased against certain groups, coupled with a conscious movement to correct those biases.

When we talk about inclusivity in the apparel industry, we often talk about initiatives like offering additional size ranges. And it’s so great that more companies are realizing the importance of this kind of inclusivity. But it’s only the most visible example of where we need to do better. Inclusivity also means serving groups–like people with a rare or unique disability–who are less visible.

The good news is that people are starting to recognize this is a problem. Last October, PBS Newshour ran a segment about designing accessible fashion for people with disabilities. It’s a really inspiring story that’s well worth ten minutes of your time, and we strongly encourage you to watch the whole thing.

In it, we meet a woman named Christina Mallon, a self-described “fashionista,” who for eight years has dealt with a degenerative motor-neuron disease that’s caused her to become paralyzed in her arms and shoulders. “Fashion is a way to express your soul, and your personality. So, and me being a fashionista since I was a child, it was very difficult that I couldn’t wear my remaining clothing because I felt like a part of my identity was dying.”

It’s not just that clothes no longer fit. For Christina and people like her, inclusivity is also about things like buttons and zippers.

Cut buttons out of inclusive fashion. For many people, they’re difficult to use.

For many people, a button or zipper on a garment means dressing yourself in the morning is almost impossible.

Christina looked at options for accessible clothing, but didn’t like what she found. “It was these really bold colors that I would never wear. A lot of fleeces, nothing fitted, a lot of Velcro. And that just wasn’t me.”

Christina believed she was out of luck, doomed by circumstance from ever being able to find fashionable clothes to wear, but then she met somebody who could help. Grace Jun leads a non-profit called the Open Style Lab with a summer program that trains students to make fashion more accessible and inclusive. They made an entire personalized collection for Christina, including a stylish fitted coat, a shirt with  a silky inside that slips easily over the head, and a dress with a strap on the bottom so she can use her foot to pull down the hem.

Mallon says, “Being able to put a coat on by myself was the difference between me having enough confidence to go to work and things like that have such a big impact that people don’t understand.”

For apparel to be inclusive, it needs to be inclusive for all people.

It’s awesome that this made such a significant impact on her confidence, and we totally understand why. Looking how you want, expressing yourself authentically, wearing clothes you want to wear, are things that most of us take for granted. But they form a basic foundation toward feeling confident. We understand this is just one solution for one person, yet it’s an encouraging start.

The apparel industry has made decent progress being more inclusive to certain groups, but there are many more groups that require more work. To the individuals doing this amazing work, we salute you, and say thank you.

The Curvy Fashionista Loves Our Wide Calf Socks

The Curvy Fashionista is your plus size fashion resource and destination & Marie, Editor in Chic, loves a good pair of socks!!

In this video: Accessorize to Maximize: Summer Beauty and Style Finds That You’ll Love, she calls our socks “hella stretchy”—

“Get this girl, up to a 21″ calf! Do you hear me? A 21″ calf circumference. So here you have form, fit, fashion, and function… Girl, get into it!”

Curvy Fashionista Stretching Wide Calf Unicorn Rainbow Socks

Knee high wide calf socks might seem a strange fit for summer, but she makes a really good point: “They’re the perfect socks to wear around the house when you wanna wear knee highs and your little booty shorts because it’s 5000º outside but your AC is still going strong inside.”

Watch her whole video because it’s fun, informative, and there are some other good products in there too!

Curvy Fashionista Holding Sock It to Me Wide Calf Stay Weird Knee High Socks

Some Wide Calf Sock Love

“Sock It to Me not only carries wide calf socks that go up to approximately 21″ widths, but they also have stretch-it technology that allows the socks to stretch without losing the design! This is a big deal for plus size women!” writes the Mighty Murphin Fashion Ranger.

Mighty Murphin Fashion Ranger in STRETCH-IT Starry Night Socks

The Mighty Murphin Fashion Ranger wearing STRETCH-IT Rainbow Blast unicorn socks.She chose three of our more vibrant STRETCHIT™ styles: Starry Night, Tacosaurus, & Rainbow Blast and loved them all. She says, “You can wear them lounging around the house in pajamas or jazz up an outfit with them when you’re feeling playful!”

“…when it comes to socks and shoes, plus size women have a lot less options due to our wide calves,” says The Might Murphin Fashion Ranger.

In 2015 we created a new sock machine to fix that issue. It knits with a higher thread count so the socks stretch more without loosing the intended pattern. Since then, our STRETCH-IT™ collection has just kept growing.

Read her full review here.

Get to Know: Fall STRETCH-ITs!

STRETCH-IT Roundup—S0050, S0051, S0053

We have three new STRETCH-IT™ styles this fall: STRETCH-IT™ Gato Libre, STRETCH-IT™ Fox Trot, & STRETCH-IT™ Shark Attack. We gathered them all up for a special interview about their role in the line, how they relax, and what they think the future holds.


SITM: What does being a STRETCH-IT™ mean to you?

Fox: Fox Trot here! I’m just so honored to have been chosen! I know there’s only one machine making these extra stretchy socks and not very many styles make it each year, so it is just so great to be one of them!

SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Shark: Challenge what you think is true. We’re stretchier than what most thought was possible. I’m here to tell you that humans shouldn’t be scared of sharks, but you should maybe be scared of my friend, Gato.

SITM: Why do you think people are crazy for STRETCH-IT™ socks?

Shark: I think people like how inclusive we are. We’re socks that stretch to fit wide-calf and larger feet folks, while still staying up for smaller ones too. We’re unisex socks. And just look at the diversity of our designs: sharks, frolicking foxes, and lucha libre cats!

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Shark: We can all stretch up to 21 inches circumference without warping our designs.

Gato: That and I can do a mean guillotina! MROW!

SITM: What do you do to relax?

Gato: Stretches. Haha! I do them before and after every match.

SITM: What do you want to see for the future of STRETCH-IT?

Fox: I’d love to see a unique STRETCH-IT™ design. That is, one that isn’t on any other type of sock: women’s knee high, crew sock.

Shark: I’ve heard rumors…

Fox: Me too.

Gato: What an exciting time to be alive! MEOOOOW!


The new STRETCH-IT’s have spoken. You can buy STRETCH-IT™ Gato Libre, STRETCH-IT™ Fox Trot, & STRETCH-IT™ Shark Attack knee highs if you think you can keep up with them.

Get to Know: Spare Pair

Get in a stylish frame of mind by getting to know Spare Pair.


SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Spare Pair: Line ‘em up and knock ‘em down!

SITM: What is your perfect date?

Spare Pair: Bowling the perfect game with my perfect companion.

SITM: What do you think about this sock & sandal trend?

Spare Pair: Sandals aren’t allowed in the alley—you’d probably fling them off as you bowl.

SITM: If you could be worn by one pair of feet, who would you choose?

Spare Pair: Someone who can pick up a 7-10 split. 

SITM: What do you do to relax?

Spare Pair: I find toppling things over incredibly relaxing. 

SITM: What do you think customers will like most about you?

Spare Pair: I’m easy going and fun at the same time! Very easy to strike up a conversation with.


Knock ‘em dead in Spare Pair STRETCH-IT™ knee highs and Spare Pair crews.