Get to Know: Fall STRETCH-ITs!

STRETCH-IT Roundup—S0050, S0051, S0053

We have three new STRETCH-IT™ styles this fall: STRETCH-IT™ Gato Libre, STRETCH-IT™ Fox Trot, & STRETCH-IT™ Shark Attack. We gathered them all up for a special interview about their role in the line, how they relax, and what they think the future holds.


SITM: What does being a STRETCH-IT™ mean to you?

Fox: Fox Trot here! I’m just so honored to have been chosen! I know there’s only one machine making these extra stretchy socks and not very many styles make it each year, so it is just so great to be one of them!

SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Shark: Challenge what you think is true. We’re stretchier than what most thought was possible. I’m here to tell you that humans shouldn’t be scared of sharks, but you should maybe be scared of my friend, Gato.

SITM: Why do you think people are crazy for STRETCH-IT™ socks?

Shark: I think people like how inclusive we are. We’re socks that stretch to fit wide-calf and larger feet folks, while still staying up for smaller ones too. We’re unisex socks. And just look at the diversity of our designs: sharks, frolicking foxes, and lucha libre cats!

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Shark: We can all stretch up to 21 inches circumference without warping our designs.

Gato: That and I can do a mean guillotina! MROW!

SITM: What do you do to relax?

Gato: Stretches. Haha! I do them before and after every match.

SITM: What do you want to see for the future of STRETCH-IT?

Fox: I’d love to see a unique STRETCH-IT™ design. That is, one that isn’t on any other type of sock: women’s knee high, crew sock.

Shark: I’ve heard rumors…

Fox: Me too.

Gato: What an exciting time to be alive! MEOOOOW!


The new STRETCH-IT’s have spoken. You can buy STRETCH-IT™ Gato Libre, STRETCH-IT™ Fox Trot, & STRETCH-IT™ Shark Attack knee highs if you think you can keep up with them.

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