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Finding photos

Sometimes we get bored and start searching for photos (thank you Google image search). It’s fun to come across some pics snapped by our retail customers and fans. We especially appreciate the creativity! Plus, we’re super stoked to have a collective of cool behind us, and if you are a part of that wave, we thank you for contributing your photos and opinions across the great, expansive, worldwide web. Keep the love coming, folks. And take a peek at some of the snaps we grabbed for your visual enjoyment. Smooch!

Photo from Artisan Socks
Photo from cyclelicio.us
Photo from Frock Boutique
Photo from Juice Fairy
Photo from Sock Dreams
Photo taken by Katherine O’Brien
Photo from Sock Dreams
Photo from Sock Dreams


Friends don’t let friends go unloved

I like being a friend. It is such an honor to love on someone and serve them in their needs. Of course, it’s nice when they return the favor. But we don’t serve them expecting to be served in return. We do it out of love. That’s the best part.

So in Carrie‘s absence, I thought it would be fun to let her know that we missed her while she was off visiting family in her homeland. After thinking about all of the things she loves, I concluded there is one thing that has been on her want list for a while. Best of all, it’s something YOU can all help me with. (And I really hope you do!)

Here’s the thing; it’s so simple (and this is one reason why I love Carrie so). The thing that would just tickle her pink: Pictures of YOU wearing Sock It to Me socks. Even more brilliant: if the picture conveyed a notable landmark (for example, in front of Big Ben, peering at the Golden Gate Bridge, or climbing a mountain in the Himalayas). That way we can drop your photo on a global map and show where in the world you are… and where in the world SITM socks are being worn!

Hopefully you’ve got a photo already stored on your desktop. If not, try staging a little photo shoot with a friend. It’s fun (see link at left). Then, just send your photo to me (press [at] sockittome.com) with the subject titled “With love from (city/country where photo was taken)“. And that’s it. No stamp required, no prize offered… just love. Because love wins.

Thanks for being a part of our lives here at SITM, friends! xoxo

With ♥  from Portland,

“The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. I have no wealth to bestow on him. If he knows that I am happy in loving him, he will want no other reward. Is not friendship divine in this?”  ~ Henry David Thoreau

P.S. I hope you enjoy my links. They are super random. Haha, wow…

A few of our favorite snaps…

Two important things I learned back in journalism school: 1. Photos speak louder than words; and 2. The average reader spends only about 20 seconds on a story before they move on. That’s a tough crowd! But I would agree that time is one of our most prized commodities. So, by all means, protect it!

So with that in mind, I thought I’d just share some customer photos we have on file. Just because they’re great. We’d love it if you sent us some sock photos, yourself! Just email us. Who knows, you could get some web love, too.

The Photo Shoot

In my last blog post, I shared news about our upcoming photo shoot. Well, said photo shoot came and went without a hitch. It was a fantastic event, thanks to all who invested their time and energy. We have to give mad props (once again) to Buffalo Exchange for allowing us to set up shop at the crack of dawn, use one of their managers as a model, and pretty much destroy the place with our presence (which we, of course, cleaned up in the end). We will eventually show off all of these pictures on our website, in our catalog, and beyond. But for now, here’s a little glimpse of all the action…

Our “rack” of clothes and accessories!
Great models, great style.
Our photographer, Mr. Jared Birt, in action.
Ali showing off one of our new fall socks.
Model in the making (Stylist Ti Kivett is a master of her trade)!
Adding a silver locket for luck… or rather, luster.
Stoked about the Old Man Look (which we paired with beer socks, btw!).
Rockin the retro vibe… with Photog Master Jared.

SITM photo shoot in the works

I would argue that those of us who know and love Sock It to Me have developed a personal, unique style bent on pulling off the knee-high look with creativity and charm. Be it quirky or classy, my personal style changes day-to-day based on the socks I want to flaunt. At this point, we SITM fans have amassed a multitude of looks that reach far beyond the standard skirt-and-mary-janes combo.

All this to say, we’re finally (FINALLY!) doing a photo shoot. A real photo shoot (as in: not in Carrie’s bedroom with a simple point-and-shoot camera)… with models and fun clothes, plus our very own (and very loved) hair/makeup stylist, Ti Kivett, and the amazing Jared Birt as photographer. Can you sense our excitement? Oh, it’s great.

Our photo shoot space!

What’s more, we are shooting this awesomeness at one of our fave resale shops in town… yes, Buffalo Exchange, a place where all things wonderful hang side-by-side in one huge space of hip, creative expression. We love the look they have, with the exposed beams above and the raw brick matched with a luxe, lime green accent wall (they painted after this picture was taken, on the left).

PLUS we have access to all of their clothes, shoes, and accessories, which means we’ll be able to pull off all the looks we love with just one “shopping” location. [Speaking from someone who has directed other fashion shoots over the years, this makes life a lot easier. And more fun!]

We’re excited to make it happen, and we’re excited to get the photos from the shoot out there into the public eye. We’re shooting next week, so it should be soon! We’ll post a bunch of them on our website, so make sure to check the site often… well, if you’re dying to see them, like we are. Ha