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The 2020 Design-A-Sock Contest is Here!

For over a decade, we’ve been holding the Design-A-Sock Contest and giving YOU the chance to get your design turned into an actual sock. Our founder, Carrie, created the contest to give our fans a chance to participate in the design process. We have loved seeing all of the incredible designs you’ve come up with over the years, and can’t wait to see what you’ll submit this year.

This year’s contest is a tiny bit different for two reason:

1. We’re going ALL DIGITAL.

In the past, we’ve accepted mailed-in entries. Due to the Coronavirus, we’re only accepting digital entries this year! That means you need to take a photo of your entry and upload it to the contest website for it to be counted. It might make things easier for you – now you don’t have to hunt down those stamps and envelopes you put somewhere and swore this time you’d remember where you’d put them.

2. We have a theme: UNITY!

Now, more than ever, we believe it’s important to come together, connect with each other, and share ways to promote community among all humans. How can we emphasize our similarities while also celebrating our uniqueness?
We want to see what sort of creative content you come up with under this theme. Design, sketch, or illustrate what unity looks like to you!

“What are the rules? Where do I enter? How do I submit digitally?”

Fear not: everything is explained over at our contest website!
Find all things DASC-related there, from the entry form to FAQs to prize info (did we mention that the top 3 designs win $$$?).

Remember that the submission period runs from 9/8/20-9/30/20, so get those entries in!

Need some inspiration? See some of our past DASC winners and entries below:

I am an endangered species.

I am an endangered species.

A poem by Kartier Devaux.

Our community, Portland, is filled with beautiful humans like Kartier. We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with her and produce this video with Jon Christopherson. We are honored to have the opportunity to share her expressive and powerful poem with you.

It takes bravery to be authentic, to be yourself, to be honest and to speak up. It is important for us to listen. We are human, we carry pain. We as humans can unite, be better and lift one another up.

We are all human. When we strip away labels, deconstruct bias and judgement, all that’s left is all that was there in the first place: a fellow human. We are community, we are family, and we need to choose connection over rejection, unity over division. So much love and thanks to Kartier for sharing truth with us and with you. 

Be compassionate, be strong and be proud.

London of Kult Krimes music accompanying Kartier.

Jon Christopherson, filmer and video producer.

Open Haus Coworking community of Portland.

Photography by Megan Petersen.

Face Masks: Now Shipping!

Did you know we sell face masks? Just in case you missed it, we launched a collection of face masks back in May! We took our 15 years of sock experience and put it to use to bring you face protection that is just as comfortable as the socks you know and love. We tested the heck out of these masks to make sure they really were as comfy and effective as they could possibly be. Learn more about that here!

You may have seen that our first batch of masks was available for preorder only, but we’re happy to say we’re now officially stocked up and ready to ship! Order now and we’ll send your masks along ASAP.

And here’s a friendly reminder: for every mask purchased, we’re donating one to Meals on Wheels People. Learn more here!

Other perks? Our masks are adjustable, reusable, and also just really darn cute. What else do you need? Two sizes? Because we’ve got that too. Each mask is available in Standard/Adult or Small/Youth, so they’ll fit noggins of all shapes and sizes.


Need more convincing? Check out our handy infographic below!

All New & Ready for You

National Parks

Ah, the great outdoors. They seem especially appealing while we’re all stuck indoors, and local parks offer a great way to socially distance safely and easily.

As the hot summer months come upon us, we find ourselves pulling out our National Parks socks and daydreaming of road trips we’ll take in the future. Where do we want to go? Read on…

    1. Crater Lake National Park
      Let’s start in Oregon, why don’t we? It is the home state of Sock It to Me, after all. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United states, coming in at a depth of 1,943 feet. It was formed thousands of years ago by the collapse of Mount Mazama. It is a treasure trove to scientists due to its diverse ecosystems and the geological phenomena that can be found. For tourists like us, it offers an abundance of recreational activities (think hiking, fishing, and snowshoeing), as well as campgrounds and lodges to stay in the summer months!
      So what do you think? Start the road trip here?
    2. Glacier National Park
      Glacier is home to over 700 miles of trails. Seven. hundred. miles!!! Human history relating to this park dates back over 10,000 years, so history buffs and hikers alike can visit and experience the incredible glory that is Glacier National Park.
      Pop a tent and camp or stay in a chalet, and don’t forget to take a drive down the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road! Pack a pair of our Glacier National Park socks for double the glaciery goodness.
    3. Yellowstone National Park
      How could we forget to include the world’s very first national park? With features like Old Faithful (one of Yellowstone’s most famous geysers that has erupted over ONE MILLION times since the park’s opening in 1872), the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (not to be confused with the one in Arizona!), and Hayden Valley (where you’re likely to see bison, elk, bears, and pelicans!), this is a national park you’ll never forget.
      Of course, we’re partial to the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring – we put it on a sock, after all! It has mesmerizingly vivid colors thanks to bacteria that live in the water and is the third largest hot spring in the world!
    4. Capitol Reef National Park
      Originally named “Wayne Wonderland”, Capitol Reef National Park is located in southern Utah and was established as a national park in 1971. It is the seventh park in the National Park Service to be designated as an “International Dark Sky Park”. If you visit, be sure to stay up late to see what reduced light pollution can do for a starry sky. Dark night skies are crucial for both ecosystem and human health!
      Capitol Reef is the easiest portion of the Waterpocket Fold to access, and is home to diverse creatures and natural landscapes. Follow its winding canyons and gaze at the layers of sandstone surrounding you.
    5. Arches National Park
      Let’s stay in Utah for a while and visit Arches National Park, a vast expanse of beauty that showcases the natural wonder erosion leaves behind. Water, gravity, and time have come together in this park to create arches unlike any you’ve ever seen. The Delicate Arch is an icon; it is a destination and a must-see for tourists from all over the world. We wanted to capture some of its awe-inspiring beauty on a sock, so we can always be reminded of nature’s power.
      Of course, nothing lasts forever, and arches do fall. So remember: even if you’ve seen one arch, one park, one state, it will be different and incredible every time.
    6. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
      This may not be a national park, but Monument Valley’s beauty and history caught our hearts and we knew we had to make it a sock. Monument Valley, found in Arizona, is one of the most photographed places on earth. You’ll soon see why when you get a glimpse of its breathtaking panoramas and incredible rock formations.

Always remember to take in the beauty that surrounds you, no matter where you are. Leave it better than you found it!