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We made underwear for Every Body. Here’s how

The worst part about underwear shopping is underwear shopping.

It’s awkward, confusing, and can leave you feeling frustrated and, well, isolated. Like every pair you try is made for someone else. It’s not your fault: the sizing out there is restrictive and inconsistent. And we’re working to change that, right now.

Here at Sock It to Me, we’re also humans with bodies that shop for, buy, and wear underwear (shocking, we know). And we decided to make it better. We’re introducing underwear that feels like a perfect fit: and we’re using our same inclusive process to make underwear that fits every body. Here’s how we do it.

The Process

Crafting amazingly comfortable sizing is a long-term development process that involves working closely with lots of different humans, who each have different preferences, and whose bodies have different needs. It’s a delicate dance of material, construction, and feedback, and was an illuminating and rewarding experience.

For each size, we tested multiple templates.

We had to consider how people approach buying underwear from as many perspectives as possible. For example, millions of American women shop for “2X underwear” each year, yet obviously each of them has a unique body. So, rather than making underwear that fit really, really well for a tiny fraction of those women who fit into some “2X paradigm,” we set out to make flexible, soft hipster underwear that fit really well for millions of beautiful hips, curves, and unique differences.

That’s why for every size we developed, we worked with multiple models. At every stage of the development process, we considered how we could make it better for everyone. We did this again and again, over thousands of hours of wear testing.

The models wear-test each new iteration under a variety of circumstances, repeatedly washing them over the course of weeks and months. At the end of it, we check in and ask what they like and didn’t like, see how the underwear stood up to use, and note any changes that will improve the next version.


This is what the raw cloth looks like before it’s cut.

As for the material, we opted for a super-soft and stretchy cotton-elastane blend: the right combination of resiliency and feel to stand up to long-term all-day use. It moves, breathes, and kicks butt with you all day long. We also added extra stitches in the seams which help your underwear stand up to daily use while happily accommodating differently shaped bodies.

In our bikini and hipster underwear styles, a wide lace was used to help smooth edges and prevent panty lines. Those with menstrual cycles may also appreciate the black liner in every pair. We did.

Addressing Sizing

Crafting perfect-fitting underwear was just half of the puzzle: when we began, we knew we’d also have to figure out how to make it easy for you to find your perfect-fitting pair. Much like our extensive wear testing produced awesome fitting underwear, our team has been committed to providing you all with the clearest, most honest, and easiest sizing experience we can.


We based our sizing chart on forty different body types, to give you the clearest possible picture of where to start. We’ve shown how different underwear sizes fit on a variety of bodies so you can see how it might look on you. We’ve provided both pant size ranges and measurements to give you a broader picture. To get the ideal fit, we recommend checking your measurements against our sizing chart. If you still need help or have questions–contact us! We’re happy to help.

Lastly, we’re extending our customer reviews so that we can create a wealth of helpful, real information from everyone who is trying our new underwear. While the measurements and pant sizes are optional, providing that information to others will help everyone find their perfect fit. Help us build an honest dialogue about sizing and fit by contributing your review once you receive and wear your new underwear.

Our Commitment to Every Body

After thousands of hours of wear testing, we’re proud of the way our underwear fits and the labels are ready to be affixed.

Every body wears underwear: and it should fit awesome and be easy to find. You should be able to easily figure out which size you need, and it should be what you expected when you get it. We’re setting a new standard for comfort, fit, and we want you to be a part of it.

We’re happy to share that we’re currently developing an even wider range of sizes to accommodate as many people as possible. In Spring 2020, we expect to release our Hipster silhouette up to a 6x size (currently wear testing!) and our boxer briefs up to a 3x. We’re committed to ensuring everyone feels amazing in their underwear, and with your help, we’ll get there.

If you have questions or comments, leave them below, email us, DM us–get in touch! We want to hear from you.

You’re Never Too Old to Glow in the Dark

You’re Never Too Old to Glow in the Dark
by Mortimer Q. Stockings

Sure, I can see why you might think glow-in-the-dark socks are for kids only. There are plenty of awesome Sock It to Me glow-in-the-dark kids’ socks and glow-in-the-dark toddler socks, like Stellar Whales or Arch-eology. But, as I recently learned, you’re never too old to enjoy something glowing in the dark.

I remember getting a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo for my fifth or sixth birthday. I was so excited—I immediately took it to the bathroom and turned off the lights, just to see it glow. For weeks afterward, I practiced in the bathroom in the dark, perfecting my tricks, wondering what caused that eerie green glow. When you’re five or six, it seems like something akin to magic.

I practiced until I was confident enough to go outside one night and try to impress the older kids on the block. I did a pretty good Rock the Baby and Around the Corner, but it was my Walk the Dog that left everyone gasping in astonishment.

There was one kid who seemed jealous of my tricks. He went around the group telling anyone who would listen that the only reason it glowed was because it had been dipped in special paint. “Anything can glow if you dip it in the special paint.” It didn’t take long for him to convince the other kids that there was nothing magical about my glowing yo-yo.

With the other kids losing interest, so did I, and ever since I’ve told myself that there’s nothing cool about glow-in-the-dark anything. “Anything can glow if you dip it in the special paint.”

Well, I recently bought a pair of Men’s Laboratory crew socks. They’re great looking socks. I love the beakers. I wear them… periodically!

Then I saw the label, “These socks glow in the dark!” At first, I was annoyed. Did I pay extra for something I don’t need? (As it turns out, no, they’re the same price as non-glowing socks).

I put them on the following morning and I didn’t give them a second thought until I was walking home from the bus stop later that night. I noticed an eerie green phosphorescence emanating from my ankles. I lifted my pants cuff to get a better look.

I couldn’t help it. I chuckled. And I couldn’t stop grinning for the entire walk home.

I realized, you can enjoy glow-in-the-dark socks as an adult. And, amazingly enough, I enjoyed them for the same reason I loved my yo-yo when I was a kid. Because they stood out. Because they’re different and nobody else I know has them. Because they’re soooooo cool and you can have fun with them.

The socks made me feel like a kid again. The biggest difference is that I didn’t rush into the bathroom and turn off the lights to get the instant gratification of seeing them glow. I recommend doing what I did: putting them on in the morning, going about your long day, and setting yourself up for a surprise when it gets dark.

As soon as I got home, I went to sockittome.com and ordered Speed of Feet, so that I could have two pairs of glow-in-the-dark socks.

How does Ryan Bubnis squash self-doubt? (Full interview)

Sock It to Me presents Artist Collaborations. Fresh and stylish new looks designed by artists Ryan Bubnis and Bouffants & Broken Hearts.

Ryan Bubnis answered some questions for us, about the differences between making art for a sock versus a mural, how he stays focused on his goals, and a whole lot more.

Sock It to Me: How would you describe your style? What inspires you?

Ryan Bubnis: My work is fun, playful, flat, graphic and deceptively simple. Some sources of inspiration for me have always been nature, skateboarding, music. And of course, hanging out with friends and family, and checking out the latest work by other image makers.

SITM: How should people feel when they wear your socks?

RB: I hope that people feel good, positive and optimistic when wearing them. Connection is a big reoccurring theme in my work. I love the idea that someone would connect enough with my work to wear my images on their feet.

SITM: What’s the biggest difference between creating art for a mural versus creating it for a sock?

RB: Working on a large-scale mural is very physical. Your whole body is involved in the process. Working on a smaller scale or designing graphics for something like socks, the execution of imagery is mostly done with your arm, wrist and hands. It’s a different kind of motor control. There’s also a concern about readability when working between these two extremes. A detailed image might work well on a wall, might not work when shrunken down…

SITM: How do you overcome self-doubt and remain focused on your goals?

RB: There are times when thoughts of self-doubt creep in. There is a certain amount of vulnerability that goes along with being an independent artist. It’s encouraging to hear that some of the most accomplished people struggle with these very same issues. I try my best to remain optimistic and use the adversity as motivation to keep pushing.

SITM: Why do you think you and SITM make such a great match?

RB: I’ve been a fan of Sock It to Me for some time. A few of my illustrator friends have worked with them. I think what it comes down to is that the designs are fun, playful, accessible and inclusive and those qualities are very much in line with my own.

Check out more of Ryan’s work at his website, ryanbubnis.com.

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