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Raise the Woof: Dog Socks and the Ultimate Doggy Dance Party

Have you been to a doggy dance party? As a human, it can be difficult to score an invitation to one of these soirees, but that didn’t stop me. I had to–it was imperative to my research for a new type of dog sock we were designing. When I heard the cool dogs were getting together to grill some hotdogs, I knew this was my chance. To infiltrate the doggy dance party, I would have to disguise myself as a friendly mastiff.

The first hour was dogs milling about, introducing themselves to other dogs, sniffing around. The croquet set was out, but nobody seemed interested in playing. A retriever and some friends were gnawing on the mallets. There was even a cat, telling anyone who would listen, “Actually, my owner says I’m more like a dog.”

Hey, Mr. DJ, put a record on

Soon, it grew dark. The DJ, a Boston Terrier, put on some music. The dogs made their way to the dancefloor. This was their playlist:

Who Let the Dogs Out?” – Baha Men – Doggy dance parties always begin with the official dancing doggy anthem. This ecstatic ode to freedom–something the dogs don’t get to experience very often–gets tails shaking and paws waving in the air like they just don’t care.

Walk (the Dinosaur)” – Was (Not Was) – Modern dogs have no concept of dinosaurs. And since “dinosaur” and “dog” begin with the same letter, they assume this song is about walking a dog. You can’t blame them for thinking this is a song about dogs. After all, what other animal would you sing about walking? Not a frog or a hamster. Certainly not a cat. 

Sure Shot” – Beastie Boys – One of the dogs at the party said he was friends with the dog who recorded the “Rawr rawr rawr” in the intro of this song. From that point on, he was able to live off royalties for the rest of his days. He purchased a tract of doghouses for his entire extended dog family and put his grandpuppies through obedience school. That was one lucky dog.

I will always love yOOOOuuooooouuuuuuOOOUUooo

I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston – The dogs enjoy howling along to the chorus of Dolly’s/Whitney’s iconic ballad. It was quite a cacophony. This song epitomizes how dogs feel toward their masters.

Who Let the Dogs Out?” – Baha Men – The pace slowed for the last song, but the dogs know how to pick it right up. This time, they did a conga line. I got the sense that the dogs knew the answer to the eternal question–who let them out?–but when I asked a pitbull about it she just growled. I did not press the issue, thinking my ignorance would expose me as the outsider I am.

Roll Over Beethoven” – Chuck Berry – One weird fact you learn at a doggy dance party: every dog ever has seen the movie Beethoven. Have you? Even if you haven’t, your dog has–either at the shelter before you adopted them, or perhaps one afternoon on TV while you were out running errands. The song is about piano’s usage in early rock n’ roll compared to its traditional role as a classical instrument. The dogs don’t enjoy it on that level. They like it because it reminds them of the hilarious montage in the movie where Beethoven makes a mess.

The Cat: CAUGHT!

The Love Cats” – The Cure – I glanced over at the DJ station, but the Boston Terrier was gone. The cat had taken its place. I guess this is the song he ended up choosing.

Who Let the Dogs Out?” – Baha Men – Dogs do not like The Cure. I guess they like their rock less angsty. Anyway, they chased away the cat and then suddenly this song was playing. Again. Every time it comes on they get really excited. I don’t know how much more I can take.

I Wanna Be Your Dog” – The Stooges – To a dog, this is a very real and normal exploration of the emotions experienced when your master comes home from a long day at the office. “So messed up, I want you here / In my room, I want you here / Now we’re gonna be face-to-face / And I’ll lay right down in my favorite place / And now I want to be your dog.” As usual, they don’t want to consider that a song could be a metaphor for something else.

I Know You Want Me” – Pitbull – Do the dogs attending this party know that Mr. 305 isn’t an actual dog? Pitbull himself has struggled with his doggy-ness at times.

Woof Woof” – Dan Deacon – The pizza arrived and the dogs lost interest in dancing. Then this song came on and the energy was up again. All of the dogs returned to the floor for one last hurrah. I had no idea dogs listened to experimental electronic music, but everything about tonight has been eye-opening.

Dog Days are Over” – Florence and the Machine – It’s 3 AM. The evening is drawing to a close. Amazingly, none of the dogs have left, but as the song comes to an end they gather around the large gate to exit the backyard.

Who Let the Dogs Out?” – Baha Men – They stand at the gate waiting for one last thing. Of course. This song. How else could a doggy dance party possibly end? The gate is thrown open–just like in the music video. All of the dogs speed out of there. This is what they’ve been waiting for. Lights in houses all over the neighborhood turn on as they run around making a horrific barking racket. 

I didn’t see who opened the gate and released them–who? Who? Who? Who? I suppose it doesn’t matter. In a few hours, the dogs will all have snuck back into their homes and the masters will be none the wiser. That’s the way a doggy dance party goes. 

Raise the Woof: this is what a real doggy dance party looks like!

If you feel like throwing your own doggy dance party–or a doggy-themed dance party for humans–please feel free to use this playlist. Just make sure your guests know that it’s 100% authentic.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with socks. Well, remember what I said about the research? Of course we made a pair of doggy crew socks inspired by my experiences

So, if you’re ever looking for the perfect pair to wear to a doggy dance party, or if you’re looking for a pair to help you deal with the disappointment that the invitation may never come, try these on for size: Raise the Woof!

Walking on Sunshine

Something New Under the Sun

Summer’s here. Our shoulders relax, our eyes focus on the horizon, and we let out a collective sigh, “Ahhhhhhh….” It’s time to shift perspective from inward out onto the bright and beautiful world around us!

Sunlight brings new things to light: friendship, color, & humor. We captured all of that in our new new sock collection. Let’s take a look.

Step Into the Light

During the winter months, we can get a little too introverted. Sure, our cats and indoor plants enjoy the extra attention, but once the sun breaks through, our eyes begin to wander outside the confines of our homes.

Cat-ercise Crew Socks for Women, Retro Rainbow Crew Socks for WomenMake the most of these longer days while they’re here! What better way to celebrate the sunshine than with friends? Women’s crew socks like Cat-ercise and Retro Rainbow remind us of our chilhoods—playing with Lite-Brite & making up silly dances in our living rooms (or was that last Saturday?). If you can’t get a little giggly in the sun with your friends, when can you?

Our connections make us stronger and happier, so find that silly self and do something absolutely childish! Pick up your phone, pick up some chalk, and have some frivolous fun.

Bright This Way

STRETCH-IT Land of the Dino Knee High Socks for Women and Men, Stretch-It Reigning Confetti Knee High Socks for Women and MenIn the Northwest, the winter can get so dark we barely notice the colors around us. It’s not just that a tree will lose its leaves, we also just don’t see the green that’s there as vividly. Once the summer sun shows its face, BAM, green everywhere. Suddenly, we ask ourselves, “Was that building always purple?”

Colors just show more brightly in the summer and we wanted our new sock collection to POP in the sun. For example, STRETCH-IT Land of the Dino has dinosaurs and Paleo plants that are nearly neon & STRETCH-IT Reigning Confetti has a rainbow nearly bursting off it with confetti fit for any spontaneous dance party.

Paws-itively Adorable Crew Socks for Toddler, Keep Dreamin' Knee High Socks for Toddler
The indoors can be bright too, with kids socks Paws-itively Adorable & Keep Dreamin’ lighting up this room.

We picked the brightest crayons in the box—or chalk in the bin—to illuminate the fact that the most radiant season of the year is finally here.

It’s a Knee High…It’s a Crew…It’s a Pun!

Hang in There Knee High Socks for Women, Chew on This Crew Socks for Men, Something to Tweet About Knee High Socks for WomenThings aren’t always what they seem. On the surface, these colorful socks are just bright and have fun themes. This pink knee high sock is merely celebrating the aerial adventures of sloths—or so it would seem! Take a look at the sock to its right, just a nice crew sock passionate about pups. OR IS IT? Then there’s a knee high covered in birds carrying banners. Pretty straightforward. Think again!

Look closer at these socks and you’ll see there’s more than first meets the eye. Names might help: Hang in There, Chew on This, & Something to Tweet About.

Man Cave Crew Socks for Men, Mana-Tea Knee High Socks for Women

We LOVE puns. It puts two of our favorite things together: words & play. With Man Cave and Mana-Tea, your friends might approach to say, “Neat outdoor scene on your crew socks” or “Cute tea cup knee highs”. But, as they approach, they’ll see the true genius of your wardrobe choice. And like that, another layer is brought to light.

Ready to live your brightest life? Our new socks are ready to light the way!

Free to Travel

Road trips: the ultimate escape from modern life, rules, and routine. With no set times to be anywhere in particular, you can simply…go. Have you ever thought, on your way to work, if I don’t take my exit, I could be halfway to paradise by lunchtime? Us too, because it happens even if you love your job—the call of the open road is that strong.

Take a ride with us as we roll through the inspirations for our new styles for spring. Summer trips are so close that we can see them where the asphalt meets the horizon.

Find an Escape

We all get stuck in ruts—it happens to the best of us. Here in the Northwest, the rain drives us inside to maybe a little too much work, movie watching, and crafting. As the sun starts to peak out of the clouds (we call it Fool’s Spring) we plan and plot our dream travels for when the light truly emerges.

Men's Crew Socks Day Tripper and Women's Knee High Socks Jet Setter Worn on the back of a VW Van

Jet Setter knee highs are based on dreams of far away warm places that might earn us a passport stamp. Crew-zin men’s crews were inspired by those lazy Sunday drives with the windows down for a warm breeze—you don’t really have a destination and that’s exactly the point. We put all our road trip hopes and dreams into men’s Day Tripper though. The vans, trailers, and hatchbacks pictured on these crew socks are everything we need to break us out of routine and drive us to adventure. Take only what can fit in the back and leave the rest behind!

Collection of Road Trip Items Including Sky Captain Crew Socks

Find Yourself

Say Cheese! Women's Crew SocksYou never know what you’ll find on the road…maybe yourself? Once you leave the sweet comfort of your routine, what parts of yourself will make themselves known? Will you take up playing poker with dogs? Flying old-timey airplanes? Will you find the confidence to experience things you never thought you would? You have a lot waiting inside you that traveling might bring to the surface.

We think of ourselves in a certain way in our day-to-day lives, but once on the road, we’re photographers of new landscapes (inspiring women’s Say Cheese!) and navigators of new lands (inspiring Co-Pilot crews). We love discovering what’s hidden inside of us when we remove ourselves from familiar surroundings! And once we’re done here, just take off in 3, 2, 1, Lift Off knee highs—there’s always more to explore.

Find Paradise

Stellar Whale Knee High Sock for Women and KidsBringing things back down to Earth, when you’re on the road, the world is your backyard. It can feel like you are spending the whole road trip searching for your paradise. But when you wake up every day to the ocean, or the countryside, or a canopy of trees, what part doesn’t sound like paradise? We’re always on the lookout for magical creatures as well. Spotted: celestial whales and narwhals swimming in the night sky (women’s and kids’ Stellar Whale). Spotted: a jackalope in the field just off the driver’s side—I knew they were real (STRETCH-IT Jackalope).

The same will go for the people you meet: you share more than you don’t. As disparate as environments and communities may seem, you’ll find that we’re more alike than you imagined. Ultimately, you’ll return home feeling more connected, more yourself, and knowing that your paradise is where you make it. Our women’s socks, men’s styles, STRETCH-IT, & kids socks for spring were all inspired by the idea that exploration and discovery should be a part of your routine. Wear Tiki Toes crew socks and you’ll see that paradise follows you, not the other way around.

Tiki Toes Women's Crew Socks

Block Party Picnic