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Extra Long Leg Warmers: An Impromptu Photo Shoot with the SITM Girls

Remember when you were a kid and you used to just go over to your BFF’s house and hang out in her room? You didn’t have an agenda and you didn’t care what you were wearing because it was just you and her… and you would just sprawl out on her bed, flipping through catalogues and talking about boys. Yeah, those were the days…

Now, if we want to hang out with our girlfriends, we create events like Martini Mondays or Taco Tuesdays, and we meet up at coffee shops and ice cream parlors, just so we can spend time together and catch up. It’s kind-of sad. Can’t we just go to our friend’s house, plop onto her bed and cut straight to the chatter?

In an effort to do just that, Carrie and I got together on a random Wednesday and brought back the old school. As we sat there in her room, flipping through mags, we started gushing over our mutual love for Sock It to Me’s extra long leg warmers. I mean, I knew they were versatile, but when Carrie started sharing all of these other ways of wearing them, I thought, “Hey! What we need here is a fashion photo shoot!” To my delight, Carrie complied, and I immediately went to her closet and started pulling clothes. The result isn’t polished or professional, but you get the idea. Most importantly, we had fun. And it was almost like we were 12, again, putting together fashion shows on a mid-week eve…

Carrie’s “before” outfit, which I loved (with SITM’s grey/silver leg warmers).
Getting started…
Worn with leggings and a flowy dress for girly dancer style
An everyday look, with leg warmer scrunched below the knee (with cute flats, perhaps).
Leg warmers worn thigh-high and matched with leggings, a hip-length tunic, and heels for something a bit more cutting-edge.
Worn over skinny jeans for a chic, yet cozy-casual look
Worn for warmth on a brisk winter day

Like I said, we love the extra long leg warmers around here. But I hadn’t even thought of wearing them camping until Carrie mentioned it. Now, call me an Oregonian, but anything you can dress up or dress down AND even wear in the backcountry is worth its weight in gold.So when I heard how Carrie used her long leg warmers to keep warm every night while camping in Utah’s chilly high country, I put them on my “buy” list ASAP, because toasty warm toes in the backcountry is a hard thing to come by!

The best thing is: when she had to get up in the middle of the night, she just scrunched up the leg warmers to throw on her boots and then, upon her return, just lowered them past her tootsies before slipping back into her sleeping bag. Easy breazy brilliance, I must say…

Wear ’em over your toes for extra warmth, and then…
Happy Camper!

Now that you’re ready to purchase a pair (wink, wink), we’re going to make it easy on you. Here is a link where you can find these long leg warmers ON SALE for just $8. Enjoy the savings… and please, be our fan on Facebook and send us photos! (We recommend throwing together a photo shoot with your girlfriends!)

Stocking Stuffers – N – Sneak Peaks

SITM.Xmas.CardIIClearly, the memo is out. But in case you haven’t heard: Socks make good stocking stuffers. We can’t keep them on our shelves! Maybe it’s because we are offering Free Gift Wrapping until Dec. 24th. Or because we made some silly pun about “Merry Sockmas” (doubt it) on Facebook. Or maybe it’s because they’re cute and cozy and don’t break the bank! At any rate, we’re happy you like them. We happen to have a few on our Wish List, as well…


SITM.rimmed.glassesBut get this. We have even more new styles around the bend. And we even have a Sneak Peak for you, so you can oogle and adore (and add to your own Wish List). One: the black rimmed glasses. Part oddball and dorky, part cool kid, we love this print. And then there’s the T-bone steak. Now, what Mountain Man wouldn’t love a pair of socks showing an all-over print of their favorite slab of meat? (Personally, I think this is gross. But we have to cater to the masses, you know?)


And remember our sock contest? Well, we’ve already produced the winning sock design (3-D glasses), but we’re about to produce the Second and Third Place designs, too. You may remember our interactive Facebook contest, and how the top two (pictured below) were neck-and-neck all the way. So we thought the best idea was for both to win! After all, we would wear ’em both in a heartbeat. We’ll have them made up and online super soon, so check back! 

ManateesspeakinglovecrosswordsockOk, well that’s all for now. Thanks for staying in touch, and keeping up on all the news! We heart you and wish you a most joyful holiday season! xo


Summer, work, summer, fun, summer, work, summer….don’t leave!!

Ahhhh!  Don’t tell me summer is ending, becuase I don’t want to hear it.  Summers go way too fast here and that is my only complaint about the Pacific Northwest.  I was born and raised in Nebraska, where summers start early May and end late August.   That is four full months of glorious summer.  Here summers start early July if we’re lucky and at nearly the end of August I’m already hearing murmurs of the leaves changing, or  comments of chilly mornings.  Stop!  I don’t want to hear it!  Oh summer, if you would just stay for one month longer, what a joy to my heart you would bring.   Please???????   Well, maybe my summer seems to be going so fast because I’ve been jamming it packed full with lots of fun and busy-ness.   It started off with a spontaneous road trip with my dear friend Becky to Montana.  What a beautiful place and I thank her for introducing it to me.IMG_3066


Shortly after that if was off to a weekend kayaking/camping trip around the San Juan Islands, near Seattle.  Wow, another beautiful trip.  We saw Orca whales (!!!!), eagles, seals, and jelly fish.  We paddled 12 miles a day and feasted on gourmet meals at each stop…..I could get used to that!  You may be wondering, where does the work part come in?  Well, not to worry, its crammed in between adventures and then enters the story at full throttle pretty soon here.

The weekend after kayaking was my 31st birthday!  Jeeze, they come fast, but I had an excellent time with some of my closest friends at a beach house we rented on the Oregon Coast.  Ahhhhh, beach front house and crab dinner…..that’s the way to go.

Ok, here comes the work part…..as I said there was a bunch squished in in between the long weekend adventures, and the brunt of is just started last week with the 1st of 2 trade shows.  Only being one week apart, I have my work cut out for me.  Lots of planning goes on behind the scenes to make these things fly and 2 back to back took a lot of juggling.  The first show (New York International Gift Fair) went really well.  We were happy with the results and look forward to working with all our new East Coast clients.  East side!


Now back in Portland, I’m sittin’ tight for a bit and will head off to trade show #2 on Saturday.  This show is called POOL, and its held in conjunction with MAGIC in Las Vegas.  We’ve done MAGIC before, liked it, and now we’re trying something new. We’ll let you know how it goes and what celebrites we see, if any.  Last year I saw Mike Tyson (yep!) and a contestant from the reality show Apprentice.

And then…..as if this weren’t enough summer time adventure, I’m going to Burning Man!!  Woo hoo!  So yeah….I’m kind of an experience junkie, and I’m coming to terms with it.  But I’m just so excited I can barely contain myself.  Brain exploding art and creativity????  Yes, please!!

During all this hub-bub we tackled new branding, a new website, put together a new catalog, got our Holiday order together and sent off, and then we will wrap it up with our yearly Design a Sock Contest.  A contest that is open year round but we do a special version of it for our Portlanders. This year to be held from Sept. 15-Sept 25.  More details coming soon.

Shew!  What a summer!  Couldn’t have done it without the help of Amber, Kisa, and all the awesome freelancers we use, far and near.   A busy summer, but I would most certainly take another month of it if I could.  We love you summer!

Meet the Sock it to Me crew!!

Ever wonder who puts those socks neatly in those little packages you receive?  Or who you talked to on the phone when you called in?  Its little ole us!  See what kinds of things we like to do outside of socks, as well as stuff we like about socks.


Tell us your life story in haiku form:

Little kid Midwest
Later roamed around all over
Now checking it out


One kind of mean, but cute baby tiger errr… cat (Rocco)

#1 Food item:

Kraft Mac and Cheese from the box. I usually eat it once a week.

Pick One: Ninja/ Pirate / Cowboy

Ninja, duh! They are like totally the best.

Super power:

Raw celery radar! No me gusta celery, it has a really strong flavor, so I can pick it out in even the smallest amounts. So don’t you try slipping any diced celery into my chicken salad, I’ll catch you!

Cheese of choice:

For nachos and grilled cheese sandwiches, American is the way to go. I’m telling you….it melts so much better than the rest. (Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve bought and consumed at least one loaf of Velvetta this year.) For munching down on just some regular cheese I like extra sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, muenster, and mozzarella string cheese sticks are a couple of my favs. I’m not a fan of the stinky, moldy stuff.

Weeks ambition:

Make some progress on the art space in the garage, get some sun, hang out with cute boy.


Favorite Sock:

Hmmmm, I really like the simple 2 color stripped socks we carry for everyday wear, argyles look great w/a skirt for a classy look, and my current favorite pattered sock is our Dear Deer. He’s such a cute little guy.

What kind of tree are you:

The big old kind with really thick and textured bark that only big old trees can have.

# of socks in your sock drawer:

Uhhh, you mean sock drawers plural?? Well, I don’t have an actually count but I’d guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-250 pair that are actually in use.



Tell us your life story in haiku form:

Kona. Oregon.

New York City was neat. But

Portland is home.


Nibbler Cupcake Monster Kaipaka-McMannis the First. He’s a ferocious killer! 3 kitties that are really fat. 1 rock my mom gave me.

#1 Food item:

Salad Dressing. Not by itself. I eat a lot of lettuce and could not handle it without a different dressing every time. I have a rack of salad dressings. My favorites are balsamic vinegar and jalapeño ranch. I don’t need croutons or any of that crap but if there isn’t a good dressing on it, I’m giving the salad to my dog.

Pick One: Ninja / Pirate / Cowboy

Cowboy! I fancy the idea of riding horses while shooting people.


Super Power:

Mind control. I would not be noble with this power and would totally abuse it to make everyone on my block paint their houses neon colors and  buy ponies to stick in the front yard for my amusement.

Cheese of choice:

Dill Harvarti preferably not moldy. My guilty pleasure is buying a really good loaf of fresh bread at the bakery, some havarti, an avocado, and some turkey and then making the best sandwich ever. I then sit on my couch eating it until nothing else will fit in my belly.

Week’s Ambition:

To drive a tractor. It could happen.

Favorite Sock:

C12. I love me some turquoise. I am looking forward to the crew socks because my fattie legs don’t fit some of our knee highs well. I’m sure I will have a new favorite soon!

What type of tree are you?

Eucalyptus because it smells.

# of socks in your sock drawer:

I have more socks than all my other clothing combined. If I could sew well I would make a sock jump suit.



Tell us your life story in haiku form:

Hippies for parents

Write screenplays in my spare time

Karaoke for fun


A black lab named Baxter and a calico cat named GoGo

Kisa#1 food item:

Steak. The bloodier the better.

Pick One: Ninja / Pirate / Cowbow

Super Power:

I can leap short fences in a single bound.

Cheese of choice:

Cake. Does cheesecake count?

Week’s Ambition:

To drive a moving van down Portland’s narrow streets without killing any cyclists or destroying parked cars.

Favorite Socks:


What type of tree are you?

Wisteria- A twisted little tree, but smells nice.

Number of socks in your sock drawer:




Tell us your life story in haiku form:

Drool. Lick. Eat. Poop. Pee.

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

Nibbler hearts sleeping.


Amber, Shawn

#1 Food item:

Liver is oh so good!

Pick One: Ninja / Pirate / Cowboy

Pirate for the booze.

Super Power:

Rubber Feet

Cheese of choice:

Any that falls on the ground.

Week’s Ambition:

To chase a cat or maybe fall asleep outside.

Favorite Sock:

Partial to leg warmers.

What type of tree are you?

I eat trees!

# of socks in your sock drawer:

If I had a drawer, I would put my dog treats in it. Not socks.