Sock It to Me “Behind the Scenes” Series: Take 8!

Kathryn Employee Bio Sock It To Me

Name: Kathryn

Position at SITM: Helping people live their lives as sock-filled as possible. AKA Customer Service Special Agent.

Years at SITM: 2/3

Favorite pair of SITM socks: This is the hardest question on here. I think maybe the Phoenix? But that might be because I’m wearing them today. Ask me tomorrow.

Tell us a bit about yourself in less than 120 words: We used to live 3 blocks away from my favorite burrito place (in Portland). Burritos are my other favorite food I can’t live without but Amber already took that one. Even though it was only 3 blocks, and even though my boyfriend was really hungry, and even though we had 2 cats at home, the walk would never take less than 20 minutes because I had to stop and pet every cat I passed. Worth it every time.

What were you doing before you started at SITM? Fighting dragons, but I didn’t get paid to do that (still don’t). For money I worked for a domain name auction site, which is exactly as complex and boring as it sounds.

One food item you could not live without: Garlic.

Where are you going when the zombie apocalypse happens? I’m going underground. They aren’t headed back where they came from.

What socks do you wish SITM had? Socks that change color depending on your mood. “I’m blue sock sad today.”

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