SITM at Magic!

WOW – what a week! The Magic tradeshow was … well, magical to say the least! Not only was it our most successful show to date, but we met a ton of AWESOME people.  It’s always great putting actual faces to the customers’ voices that we love to hear so much!  Lots of work, but the payoff was well worth it!

The girls hard at work!



Check out our incredible craftsman skills! And you thought we could only design socks…

Voila! Proudly posing in front of the finished product!







It was a lot of work putting everything together, but TOTALLY worth it in the end!





We even got the chance to escape from our sock haven for a minute to explore the other booths, and we ran into the totally entertaining and inspiring folks from Freaker – the amazing company that creates cool, new alternatives to koozies!

Turns out we’re in kind of similar business, but while they’re using their knitted goodies to “Stop all moist handshakes forever,” we’re conquering cold feet across the nation!  Future partnership in the making – who knows?!  Either way, they were an AWESOME group of people that kept us entertained all weekend rollerskating through the aisles in crazy outfits and making the event ten times more fun!

Our new friend Zach!

You’ll definitely want to check out the owner, Zach, communicating with sock manufacturers through interpretive dance in their Kickstarter video: LOVE IT!

When we weren’t at the show, you could see us painting the town red or hanging out at the VIP Lounge! Just kidding!! We found this VIP sign outside and – being very important people and all – we felt obligated to strike a pose.  Makes a great picture though!

Carrie joked that we were on the “Grandma train” since we were in bed early every night!  But selling socks sure does wear you out!  We did manage to muster up some energy to attend the GQ party in honor of Jim Moore, the Creative Director.  And, of course, we couldn’t help but snag a couple shots with the man-of-the-hour!

All in all, it was an extremely thrilling, extremely successful … but extremely tiring show! Can’t wait for next year’s!


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