Portland Design-A-Sock Contest: All You Students!

To all you young Portland peeps out there who have ever looked at your feet wishing they looked awesome, we have some great news for you!

This year we’re partnering with your Portland Public Schools in our 7th Annual Design-A-Sock Contest! For each sock design submitted, we will donate $1 towards an Art Donation for your schools! (We want you to have awesome brushes, canvases, activities, sketch pads, clay, and anything else you need to be artistic!)

From September 9 – 19, you high schoolers can ask your teachers for a design entry form and let your creativity flow to make the most amazing socks ever! REMEMBER: turn in your entries to your teacher by Thursday, September 19.

All who enter will also have the chance to win $1000, 15 pairs of socks and have their design manufactured in Sock It to Me’s next collection!!! Be the fashion designer you’ve always wanted to be and send in your entry ASAP!

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