Samantha Ginsburg

Name: Samantha G.
Age: 44
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: Rescuer of kittens, advocate of Pit Bulls and small business owner.

Pittsburgh native Samantha Ginsburg is the kind of animal advocate who rivals Snow White in a Disney movie. Her bubbly personality, wit, and creativity attract furry and feathered friends, both in her work life and personal life.

A longtime rescuer, Samantha got bitten by the saving bug when she was growing up. “I started catching feral cats and having them spayed/neutered when I was in high school,” she says. “I was raised with lots of cats, dogs, and other furry creatures.”

These days Samantha, her husband, their furry family of rescue cats, and Tankgirl, a 12 year old rescued pitbull, live on ten private acres of former orchard. Deer, wild turkeys, and foxes are their frequently visiting neighbors!

During the workday Samantha runs an environmental company that does consulting, training, and asbestos remediation, but she always makes sure to save a few hours for providing daily education and advocacy information to people about animals. Acting as an “online advocate,” Sam shares information on topics as critical and as varied as Trap Neuter Release programs, the importance of fighting breed specific legislation (known as BSL) and the necessary preventative measure of micro-chipping your pets. Her previous volunteer service has included countless shelters, wildlife rehabs, local non-profits and even the Pittsburgh Zoo, and she doesn’t see her outreach efforts ending any time soon.


It breaks my heart that an estimated 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year here in the U.S.

“Pittsburgh is very fortunate to have some wonderful non-profits that do a tremendous amount for the abused, abandoned and neglected fur babies out there,” Samantha says. “There are so many caring people that I interact with in the volunteer community that provide me with daily inspiration.”

She sites Alley Cat Allies and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary as her two favorite non-profits on a national level, but feels grateful to live in such a welcoming, forward-thinking community when it comes to saving the lives and enhancing the well-being of all animals…in the ‘burgh and beyond!

“It breaks my heart that an estimated 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year here in the U.S.,” Samantha explains. “If people would just be responsible enough to spay/neuter their animals this number could be greatly reduced. There are so many free, and low cost clinics out there for people to take advantage of.”

Outside of her fierce fight for animal rights, Samantha also has quite a green thumb! She and her husband have two large gardens and a few beehives on their property. Her meals are mainly organic, as she is staunchly anti-GMO, anti-factory farming and a supporter of local farms. She believes that eating healthfully will allow her the physical fortitude, and mental alacrity, to continue to care for all of the animals out in the world. She even hopes to establish her own animal sanctuary on their property one day.

What advice does Samantha have for others out there looking to join in the rally for our furry, reptilian, and feathered allies?

“Volunteering at a shelter or animal rescue, helping to provide transportation, fostering, education, donating money, food, supplies, your time or simply sharing information through social media,” Samantha suggests. “There are so many ways to help, one animal at a time!”

Though don’t let the negativity you may encounter get in your way, she reminds us.

“It can be heartbreaking at times, so we all need to remember to keep our perspective and give ourselves a break before the uphill battle gets the better of us.”

For being so positive, and for being a force for the fauna, we think Samantha Ginsburg is a really Cool Girl!

To check out some of the local organizations Sam supports, you can check out

Kopy Kat Sanctuary (, Homeless Cat Management Team (, In Care of Cats (, and Fur Kid Rescue (





  1. Awesome choice for Cool Girl of the month! This girl absolutely deserves it! I have seen first hand how loving and caring and most of all dedicated she is. She has definitely made a difference in not only the animals lives but in the people around her who she has inspired to do the same. We should all aspire to be at this proactive, no matter what the cause.

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