Meet the Sock: Uni-Camo


Unicorns are pretty magical on their own, but are they more magical with camo and rainbows? Let’s find out:


SITM: What are you bringing to the Sock It to Me line?

Uni-Camo: All the colors of the rainbow camouflaged.

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Uni-Camo: Standing out while blending in.

SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Uni-Camo: Never quit chasing rainbows!

SITM: What is your perfect date?

Uni-Camo: Playing hide & go seek, braiding each other’s mains, galloping into the sunset.

SITM: What do you think about this sock & sandal trend?

Uni-Camo: LOVE IT! Fashion rules are there to be broken.

SITM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Uni-Camo: Frolicking after the end of the rainbow.


Perfect for hunting down those rainbows, get your Uni-Camo crews on and get searching.

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