Meet the Sock: STRETCH-IT™ Rainbow Blast


All we knew for sure was that unicorns eat danger for breakfast and poop out rainbows, so we decided to find out more.

SITM: What are you bringing to the Sock It to Me line?

Blast: We already have rainbow socks, and unicorn socks, and even one rainbow unicorn sock, but I will be the biggest and brightest of them all!

SITM: What shoes do you think you go best with?

Blast: Nobody will be looking at your shoes.

SITM: Who is your sock idol?

Blast: I really like my predecessor Funky Rainbow Blast, but I see us more as equals.

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Blast: I fly and I poop rainbows. My other superpowers are secret.

SITM: If you could be worn by one pair of feet, who would you choose?


SITM: Where do you want to be seen, make an appearance?

Blast: Anywhere I go, I’ll stop traffic, so be careful.


Forget walking on sunshine, get a pair of unisex STRETCH-IT™ Rainbow Blast and walk on rainbows (made of unicorn poop).

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