Human of the Month: Mariana Beatriz Wu

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Human of the Month: Mariana Beatriz Wu

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Mariana Beatriz Wu is an illustrator who uses vibrant colors and eye-catching shapes in her work, and it was her design, “Fruity Bloom,” that was selected among the top 30 as one of our three winners for last year’s Design-a-Sock Contest. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mariana has always been committed to passionate self-expression that is vivid and fearless; she truly represents how to “Be Bold. Be You.”

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“I like to access things that bring me inspiration, depending on the project I’m working on,” Mariana explains. “And inspiration to me comes from life and the simple things, such as visiting art exhibitions, discovering new places, eating good food, and sharing experiences and conversations with other people. I don’t have any specific rituals or methods while making art, it just flows with the feelings.”

While studying Product Design at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) she concurrently pursued Fashion Design and graduated with degrees in both. Following graduation, she took her creativity to the next level, branching out into the fields of surface and pattern design as well as illustration. 

Fruity Bloom

“Seeing somebody wearing an outfit with your patterns is one of the best feelings ever!” she says. Luckily she’ll be able to look at many people’s feet and see her fruitastic socks soon, too! The Design-a-Sock winners’ designs will be launched in mid-June 2022.

As for Mariana, she’s continuing to create and grow, while seeking out inspiration everywhere she can.

“I´m looking forward to keep growing as an independent artist, and also working to get my work on different media, brands, and places,” she says. “I hope I can travel a lot in the future, and it would certainly be a dream to see my art reaching places that are far away from home!”

And what advice would Mariana give to artists seeking to test the limits of their imagination?

“Know your worth, and don’t be too hard on yourself during the difficult days. Things aren’t always easy when you are trying to find your place in the world, but if you keep doing your art and practicing, one day you will eventually get there! You got this!”

You can find more of Mariana’s work on her Instagram or Behance. We are so grateful to her and her vivid designs for brightening our socks and our days just in time for summer!

Feeling inspired by the fruits of Mariana’s labor? Don’t worry, our next contest is starting in July and will follow the same process. Stay tuned to our call for entries, and then submit your design and see which one our fans pick as their favorites! Sign-up to receive more Design-a-Sock information below!

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