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Hey loyal readers!!  Actually, I really don’t think there are any of you out there.  There are so many things vying for our attention out there, let a lone the numerous other blogs, why would you spend any time reading this?  Maybe family and a few friends.  I’m sure there are a couple interested parties out there but I’m guessing its in the  single digits.  Well for those few, this is for you!!

Today I’m going to talk a little about sock mechanics.  I constantly get asked if I can make a person or team a special sock.  I had one father ask if he could make a special pair of socks for his daughter’s birthday, numerous teams call in to ask for a special team sock, and I have to turn most of these people away becuase of minimums.  The factory that I order all my socks from have minimums and I can have any sock I want made as long as I buy 1,200 pair of that one design.  Smaller quanities like 500 pair could be negotiated but at a much higher price.  I am very sorry, I can not make your special sock unless you are in the market for 500-1,200 pair of that particular style.  The way that these manufactures make their money is through quantities.  They have to set up the machines differently for each style, threading each individual color, and then they have to by thread colors by the ton.  So if I send them a desgin that requires a cherry red, they then have to go to the thread supplier and buy one ton of that cherry red color. On top of that, all the product then has to be shipped overseas and is much more economical if shipped with a bunch of other stuff, say antoher 60,000 pair.   So, as you can see its not so easy to create 200 or less pairs.  I will continue to look for manufacturers who make smaller runs, but until then its kind of tricky.

Alright, that’s it for today.  Gotta get back to work.  Thanks all.  C-ya,



  1. this is good to know… thanks! i guess if you had loads of generic “happy birthday” socks ready for all the dads who want give as a gift that could help? glad I found your site… off to contemplate sock designs to enter into your contest! xoxo

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