Gifts Get Personal!

Holiday Socks on cozy blanket

2022: Gifts Get Personal

2022: Gifts Get Personal

Are you struggling for a surprise? Thinking of being thoughtful? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a handy guide to creating a gift package that’s perfect for each person on your list, from your nearest and dearest to the Secret Santa at your office. 

Split into two sections, one for gifts by theme and the other for gifts by recipient, we’ve done the legwork to ensure you’re not on anyone’s naughty list.

And because our community means so much, we made sure to suggest quirky and cool gifts from our retail partners that mean a lot to us. There’s a one-of-a-kind present that partners perfectly with a Sock It To Me pair.

Bundle by Theme

Looking for something truly unique for your significant other’s roommate, your neighbor, or that coworker who always has your back? See below for some gift grouping ideas that are bangin’…even for those that you don’t know best.

Snow Daze

Even if you live somewhere that doesn’t feel freezing (and, hey, with global warming there are a lot more of us) you can give the wonder of winter with our Every One is Unique socks. They go perfectly with an Abominable Snowman ornament, Midnight Snow cheeseboard, or a Snowfall on Park Avenue puzzle that would be great to cozy up and tackle after a cup of hot cocoa.


‘Tis the season of hibernation! For something spot-on for your celebration, why not gift a toasty pair of our Yule Log socks along with a Palo Santo candle? Include a hydrogel calming facemask for them to relax in front of the fire, and maybe play with some string to chill their mind as much as their mood. Everybody can use a little respite after the past few years we’ve had.

Partying with Pals

We can hang out irl again! Here are some goodies to give when you’re finally getting festive with your friends. Bring the Bling and Holly Jolly Christmas are socks that are suited for the season, and both go great with cranberry cocktails and cinnamon candles. Or bring along a kooky board game to really make things Awk-Word! Also, you can’t go wrong with ugly Christmas sweaters, even if they’re on appetizer plates.

gifting guide for party pals

Bundle by Recipient

What about those that you are thickest with? See below for some ideas that are suited for each of your buddies that you know best.

The Coolest Camper

Who doesn’t like to get outside? That friend who is always exploring would likely love our Ready, Yeti, Go! crew socks. Sneak them with some yeti mittens and the Snowy Cabin Cookbook inside this Osprey Stuff Pack for a super seasonal surprise that’s already wrapped. 

The Star Gazer

They might have their head in the clouds, but you can give them space for their feet with our Constellation crew socks. An out–of–this–world coffee mug or a set of Night Sky playing cards would be a heaven-sent complement. Or perhaps wrapping themself in the stars would be even better? This Thermarest Stellar Blanket in Space Case would be super for constellation consumption on a chilly night. Throw in a Brief Welcome to the Universe and the sky really is the limit for your gift-giving.

The Potty Mouth

Thank goodness we’re no longer hoarding toilet paper, right? (Right?!) In memoriam of times hopefully past, or just for sh*ts and giggles, why not give our Stock Up crew socks along with a Gnome-on-a-Throne and a bit of ever-elusive Bigfoot Scat? It’s a group of gifts that’s not in the toilet. Perfect for teenagers, or the never-maturing friend from high school.

The Witchy One

They can see the future, but they’ll also be seen in the dark with our Mystic Mountain knee-high socks. (Yes! They glow-in-the-dark!) Complete the conjuring with Everyday Spells cards, Hamsa earrings, and a book of magic in Spells for Change. They might be psychic, but they never envisioned you being so thoughtful.

The Earth Worm

Stoked about ‘shrooms? That friend who is forever foraging might like our Down to Earth knee highs along with a mushroom pouch or pin set. Perhaps a game of morels or a mushroom-themed temporary tattoo sheet might be more of their style. And you can’t go wrong with a lovely Logarithm Notebook. Ever.

The Toast of the Town

Raise a glass, and a foot, with our Prosec-Ho-Ho-Ho women’s crew socks! Stir in a peppermint martini ornament, boozy crystal embellished earrings, and a book on superior seasonal sips with the Winter Drinks Cocktail Book. Don’t forget the apropos Let’s Give It Our Best Shot 2023 card, it’s a sentiment for the new year that we can all get behind.

The Coffee Connoisseur 

Our Stretch-It Pothead socks would be great to mix with some cold brew coffee caramel sauce. Include a book about a time traveling café and a coffee pot ornament and you’re jiving with the java lover in your life.

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