Employee Profile: Gomez


What’s your name?

Gomez Adams Godoy

What’s your position at Sock It to Me?

Officially I’m a Furry Sidekick but I’m also a Garbage Inspector, Occasional Toy Fetcher, Snore and Snort Specialist, and Warm Fuzzy and Smile Distributer.

How long have you worked at Sock It to Me?

2 years 7 months and 12 days. That is basically over 30 years for me so I have the most tenure.

What is your favorite Sock It to Me sock currently?

Is this a trick question?

I’m pretty partial to the Pug Life but the Bacon and Burger socks really appeal to me as well.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to pee on the grass, the bushes, the trees, sign posts and fire hydrants. I can’t do this inside work or I’ll get in trouble.

Do you have any strange or unique talents? Or maybe just a regular one? Something your co-workers don’t know about? OMG tell us!

I can sleep with my eyes open and I can open most doors at home without a problem. Everyone knows I give high fives. I can jump pretty high.

What do you like most about working at Sock It to Me?

I love that my opinions are valued and I can truly be myself. My co-workers are incredibly helpful and keep the amount of garbage/food I need to inspect to a minimum and provide with me with lots of love and pets! I also love my wife, Amber. She is perfect.

What do you think our customers love most about Sock It to Me?

They love the Pug Life sock.

What type of clothing do you think Sock It to Me should move into next?

Anything but dog clothing. It chafes my sensitive skin. Bacon flavored slippers would be a scream!

What is one food you can’t live without, and why?

Oh man, I really can’t choose. I love it all. Sadly I am on a restrictive diet due to allergies but if I wasn’t allergic I would choose peanut butter pizza with bacon on top.

X-Ray Vision or Flight?

I have both of these already. This is how a choose just the right garbage can to inspect and how I manage to eat things stowed away on high shelves. I also have telekinesis and can make food fly out of hands and onto the floor.

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