Employee Profile: Clair


What’s your name?  

Clair Morgantini

What’s your position at Sock It to Me?

I do the QC (quality control) in customer service.

How long have you worked at Sock It to Me?

6 months!

What is your favorite Sock It to Me sock currently?

Well, that’s a tough one…I have sooo many favorites but in terms of newer styles I absolutely love Peonies!  I love blue and red combos so this just design hit it out of the park.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to make art: paper & fiber works, collages, diorama type boxes, etc. Exploring art exhibits. (Art history and photog is my background.) I knit.  Currently, I’m knitting a blanket of the course of a year.

I like to pretend to be a good gardener.  I’m obsessed with snuggling my pitbull, Cholo.

Also, I love eating and drinking with friends!

Do you have any strange or unique talents? Or maybe just a regular one? Something your co-workers don’t know about? OMG tell us!

As I noted I make art, I hand sew paper layering various images, designs, etc together. Images of women are the main focus, how women are represented in many forms of media, this is includes porn.  That’s sort of a secret that most people don’t know about I mean it’s not for all audiences but it’s part of the project I’ve been working on for many years.

What do you like most about working at Sock It to Me?

I adore my co-workers.  Everyone is friendly, unique, outgoing and funny.  There are a lot of quick witted people here – it’s intimidating!

What do you think our customers love most about Sock It to Me?

Definitely our designs so many vast styles, there’s something for everyone.

What type of clothing do you think Sock It to Me should move into next?

Pajamas!! Imagine how styling you’d be sporting a Fawn Memories tank and little short set while camping, OMG!  I would totally get long pj pants for my hubby.  Anything is better than those ugly grey sweats he wears. X(

What is one food you can’t live without, and why?

Another tough one… cheeseburgers? Or just Cheese in general.  It’s a rough day if I don’t have a little nosh of cheese.  We just got back from the Netherlands and we brought back 6 different kinds of cheese!!! It’s a serious addiction.

X-Ray Vision or Flight?


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