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We recently posted on social media asking for our followers to nominate someone they think is a Cool Girl. We typically feature one Cool Girl every month (see them here!), but we think if there ever was a time to showcase as many cool people as we can, it’s now. We get so much joy and hope from learning about you, the incredible humans in our lives, and want to spread that as much as we can.

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Renae Saager

Renae Saager is certified health & life coach and emotional eating expert who teaches women around the world how to start living a powerful, authentic life free from food and weight obsession. Tapping into her own unique journey with disordered eating and alcoholism, Renae connects with her clients on a deeper level, supporting them through the process of rewiring their brain with her no-BS approach. Through this serious work, Renae is able to help clients challenge their mindset and begin healing, using her own sense of humor and unparalleled perspective which creates a more enjoyable and transformational experience.Img

Renae’s passion for helping other women burns strong. She knows the struggle of trying to conform to impossible and arbitrary societal standards, and is always inspired by the authenticity and vulnerability of the women she works with.

Renae’s advice for other girls?
Do not shrink yourself to make others comfortable.
Listen to that voice inside of you. Listen to what your gut is saying. And when you are so terrified you could cry but also so excited you could scream and doubting if you can even do it, you my friend, are on the right path! You will never be completely ready, know that. And the louder you are you (which may actually be quieter, if that is your style) the faster you find your people and your people find you.
Not everyone will like you or understand you and that is ok.
Keep being you.
Without apology.

Renae loves connecting over social media – find her here:
Podcast: Put Your Nuts Out There

Danielle Vincent

Let’s take a look at the nomination we received for Danielle Vincent, founder of Outlaw Soaps: “Not only is [Danielle] a certified badass, she wrote a great how-to, self help, find your inner unicorn book. Always working on something new and exciting. She is the person you need in your life without knowing it. She makes everything better. I’m better for knowing her & feel better knowing she’s out there.”

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind having Danielle in my corner. So of course we reached out to her to learn more about how she achieved the title of Certified Badass.

At Outlaw Soaps, Danielle and her husband make soap “for adventurous people, by adventurous people.” Starting the company itself was an adventure – everyone said it was crazy to start a small soap business. Soap was “weird” or the business was “too competitive” but Danielle saw an opening. She knew firsthand the magical ability of scented soap to remind us of our favorite things in life, from the beach you visited on your honeymoon to a good glass of whiskey to a sweet-scented pine forest.
(A side note from Danielle:
Pot roast does not make a good soap smell, no matter how much you like pot roast.)

Of course, running a small business is never easy even in the best of times, something Danielle is well aware of. She considers her employees to be extended family, so every day during this pandemic brings new concerns for the people she cares about. But the Outlaw Soaps team has pulled together and is working to ship out orders quickly and with maximum levity. No doubt Danielle’s positive demeanor, drive, and grit have influenced her team! They continue to provide their ethically made products to their loyal customers, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Danielle’s advice for other girls?
Do your homework, set your prices, decide what your business really is, and be authentic. People don’t have to universally believe in your vision as long as you find your right customers, and you make it possible for them to find you (so, you know, search engine optimization, marketing, etc).
And pay attention to grammar and spelling.
If you want something, the secret to getting it is somewhere inside you.

You can find Outlaw soaps at their site here or on social media at:

Serena Zendejas

On a typical day, you can probably find Serena Zendejas rollerskating through her neighborhood or baking up a storm in the kitchen. Refusing to let this strange pandemic time get her down, Serena combined those two talents and started a delivery service of baked goods with her partner. She recognizes that the simple act of sharing treats and spreading love can go a long way.Image

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that this philosophy carries through into her work: Serena works part-time at a residential facility for foster youth. She says, “I believe it’s my responsibility to use my privilege of education to give back to those who need it most.” No doubt the work she has done in her own life to battle self-doubt helps her be a beacon of hope and positivity for the youth she works with. “In my experience as a Hispanic woman, I have had to work hard to get at the same level as others. It’s easy to doubt yourself and tell yourself you aren’t good enough in a society that sees you that way,” says Serena. By spreading empowerment, positivity, and baked goods, Serena is helping those around her have a life map that is slightly less bumpy. It’s easier to skate that way.

Serena’s advice for other girls?
Stay true to you. I believe you should fight for what you believe in and always speak your mind.

You can find Serena on Instagram at @serenazendejas or follow her delivery service @baked.pdx!

Natalya Mortensen

Natalya Mortensen is only 13 years old and is already an inspiration to us here at Sock It to Me. After growing up in the Philippines, she moved to the US at age nine. She says remaining focused, diligent, and open to new adventures is her secret to starting over in a new country and a new school.


These qualities no doubt helped Natalya to remain upbeat and positive during the spine fusion surgery she had nine months ago. Of her surgery, Natalya says, “It was scary, but with patience and hard work, my recovery is amazing and I’m dancing again.” 

In her nomination, Natalya’s mother told us of Natalya’s resilience, positivity, and passion for life. It’s evident that Natalya won’t even let spinal surgery get in her way: she continues to dance ballet, win art contests, and act as a beam of light for her family.

Natalya’s advice for other girls?
Do your best with all honesty!

You can find Natalya on Instagram: @breemortensen


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  1. Renee Saager, is my choice.
    She is very inspirational, and encourage us all to be ourselves, nurture, our tender souls, and blossom into ‘ being you’! ❤💕👍👍

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