6 Ways to Wear Men’s Crew Socks

Men from all walks of life are looking for new ways to let their personality shine. Your style can be an extension and expression of your character, if you play it right. Make sure your outfit is making the statement you want it to, and maybe find a few new ways to wear men’s socks as an accent piece.


The Hipster Dad:


Hipster dad wears everything ironically except for his socks and his love for his kid. These trendy short pants are able to the full glory of his shark socks that happen to match his kid’s ankle biters. The natural brown of his classic shoes help his socks to pop while his skinny blue tie brings the outfit together.


The Sports Enthusiast:


He’s always ready to play whether it’s basketball or ping pong. Even though his outfit is snazzy enough to wear to any local hangout, it will still keep him comfortable on the court or in the field. His athletic shoes are sleek, but powerful just like his socks with unicorns battling narwhals. Both his shoes and socks have a calmer color scheme to balance the loud patterned shirt and bright shorts.


The Outdoorsman:


This guy spends his weekends hiking and climbing and spends his weekdays planning his next camping trip. His timber themed socks fit his outfit perfectly from the brown in his shoes to the beige in his pants. But, his monochromatic theme is interrupted by his deep blue shirt on top…almost like a tree.


The Audiophile:


The music lover has a band t-shirt for every day of the month. Maybe the year. He tends to wear monochromatic outfits, but just as his musical tastes are declared on his chest, his socks yell out his personality. While his straight blue jeans, hoodie, and leather jacket help him blend into the crowd, his bright orange socks draw your eyes down. Not for long though, because his matching orange glasses and bright smile bring your gaze back up.


The Casual Intellect:


The casual intellect has a pocket in his shirt for his reading glasses (classy ones) and is comfortably dressed so he can plop into a chair and lose himself in a book. He has other interests than books though, that’s why he’s letting golf socks peek out from his pants. His clean-cut and sharp look is contrasted by this strip of bright green, which also reveal there’s more than meets the eye.


The Polished Gentleman:


This classic dresser doesn’t overlook anything. Each item he wears, from his bowtie to his glasses socks are intentional and exceptional. He has a classy, subtle style that doesn’t call for bright socks to steal the show. His vivid blue shirt and festive bow tie may not seem to go together, but the grey and black of his socks combined with his sleek black suite unite the pieces as a complete ensemble.


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