3rd Annual Global Design-a-Sock: Honorable Mentions

Whew!  We’ve been up to our ears in Design-a-Sock submissions, but, boy, was it worth it!  Have you checked out the 32 finalists on our Facebook page yet?!  Get your vote in ASAP here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151476017390026.825079.237573925025&type=1.  If you haven’t, make sure you stop by our Facebook soon – voting ends Thursday, April 5th at 5 PM PST sharp!

We had an amazing time sifting through the THOUSANDS of entries this year!  Submissions poured in from all over the world – US, Colombia, Argentina, Singapore, West Indies, Indonesia, Germany, UK, Scotland, Wales, India, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Serbia, Denmark, Spain, Nigeria, France, Uruguay, Honduras, Norway, Turkey, Philippines, Australia, Slovakia, and Canada!  WOW, that’s a TON of Sock It to Me love!

And equally as exciting, our entrants ranged from ages 4 to 87 years old!  Who says coloring is only for kids?!  All we know is that someone out there has a totally awesome grandparent! 🙂

We can’t thank you all enough for participating in our Design-a-Sock Contest!  It’s like Christmas morning all over again when we receive a submission!  Our fans are definitely the most creative people you’ll ever find, and we wish we could produce each and every rad design that comes our way!

Unfortunately, because we’re limited by our current manufacturing methods, we simply aren’t able to produce some of the most amazing designs we receive.  With the way our socks are made, these intricate designs would make the socks WAY too tight (and no one likes a muffin top on their calf!)  We’d still like to give these great designs some credit though!  Check out these submissions that we fell in love with, but sadly aren’t able to produce:

Lauren Taylor’s “A-Mazing-Ing Socks”


Shari Cornish’s “Pie & Coffee”


Novica Milenkovic’s “Knight Irontoe”


Francesca Bryant’s “Tutenkamuen”


Pretty awesome creations, huh?  Hopefully one day soon we’ll be able to consider some of these beautiful designs!

So what are you waiting for?!  Make your way over to the Sock It to Me Facebook page to start voting!  Vote for your favorite designs by simply hitting “Like” for each image.  You can vote for as many designs as you want!  The ten designs with the most “Likes” after 5 PM PST on Thursday, April 5 will become our Top 10 Finalists!  The esteemed panel of judges at the Sock It to Me headquarters will then announce the top 3 winners!






  1. where is pakistan i send you designs but you dosen’t given the name of my country WHY? iam really dissapointed i think that this contest is a international contest but i have no idea that pakistan is not included

  2. The honorable mentions are better than most of the finalists (although there are a few good ones most I would not even consider buying). I agree with someone else who said that they saw better designs in process and this whole thing leaves the selection process to question. Someone I know who is following this said that the designs must just be thrown against the wall and whatever sticks gets selected.

  3. The copy of the blog post clearly states that they are great but CANNOT be made. SITM is acknowledging the great design as well as their manufacturing limitations. When I assigned this project to my students I showed them my SITM socks and said “this is the thickness of the thread, do you think they could really weave that design you just made?” and sent them back to the sock drawing board. Consider entering a variety of design contests to get your ideas heard rather than yelling at SITM.

  4. Thank you very much Allie for helping us explain. We’ve been making and designing socks for 7 years and are bummed when we see beautiful designs but then the samples come back too tight. Sock are kind of a unique beast. Since the designs are woven into the base more details and layers make socks too tight to wear and we can’t have that!

  5. Syeda Maliha Shakir we didn’t list every single country we received entries from. Pakistan is most definitely included in this contest! We’re really excited that news of our contest reached Pakistan! Thanks for participating!

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