One sock at a time

We are gym rats… well, fitness class junkies, to be frank. But only because we can’t self-motivate. We pump iron in groups. We do sit-ups in groups. We do yoga in groups. It’s the only way.

But the best thing about it is this growing love affair with knee-highs. We dare say it’s even cult-like. Every day, another girl shows up, knee-high in stripes or stars or all-over patterns. We love it. So naturally, we jumped in. We have yet to plug Sock It To Me (read: “yet”), but we oft get these looks that say: OMG, her socks are so chic.

retro workout wearFirst of all, we know. But secondly, we aren’t exactly social when we workout. Oh no. It’s far too embarrassing being there makeup-less, with a ponytail and pinned bangs, no less. We don’t make friends because we don’t feel pretty. Isn’t that awful?

Well, this knee-high business may do the trick. We’ve noticed we’ve started to actually feel cute at the gym. Like, OMG, my socks are so chic. Funny how a pair of socks can right all the wrongs in our lives…

… And speaking of that, we are on a mission to right all the wrongs in the world, one sock at a time, with a charity sock that will leverage monies or goods to a charity in need. Maybe it won’t right all the wrongs out there, but we’d like to think it will help at least one. So stay tuned on how you can help support our efforts! xo

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