Watch How Sockstars are Born

Fans have been asking what all goes on behind the scenes at the Sock It to Me headquarters.¬†Some people think that our “Sock Factory” has¬†little gnomes running around piles of socks while we load up our flying magical ponies to send out our deliveries. Those people would be absolutely correct.

This video will answer your most pressing questions:

  • How did it all begin?
  • Does Sasquatch pull his weight around the office?
  • Where do we get all these design ideas?
  • What do our faces look like?
  • Watch it now to find out

Because they are now movie stars, our socks are getting a little big-headed (big-footed?). They’ve asked us to create a page to hold all their staring roles: You can also watch all their other videos on our YouTube channel.

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