Time to Percolate


We love Kawaii Not. Seriously, artist Meghan Murphy is queen of her trade, matching adorable everyday icons with faces and silly verse. We can’t help but smile every time we read one of her comics. In fact, her latest webcomic (at left) nailed us on the head. Just as we finished our third cup of joe this a.m. (true to form), we realized we just need time to percolate… every day.

But now we’re alive and kicking, and super stoked about life here at Sock It To Me. Honestly, it’s never-ending excitement around here, and we’re just so happy to have a crew of fine folks following us and befriending us on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a hoot. Plus, we’ve been doing giveaways, and that’s just, well, fun. We love to give!

We’ll have to do a contest soon to give away some Kawaii Not socks, because we’re just so thrilled with the partnership. If  you haven’t seen ’em, you ought to check them out. There are two just-released styles: the Kawaii Rainbow (with a cute, smiling cloud) and the Kawaii Teeth (with toothbrushes and wide-eyed teeth!).

Pretty sure you’ll love em. This stinkin’ cute label has certainly got our stamp of approval. Honestly, with a tag line, “Cute gone bad,” how can we not??? That’s so us, right?

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