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Spruce Up Your Wedding With Funky Socks!

Sock It To Me Socks Wedding

With the invention of Pinterest, there are so many ways to make weddings uniquely your own, but usually all these personalization touches are for the bride and her party.

It’s high time the groom’s party got in on the action! That’s why we couldn’t be more excited that the wedding trend of incorporating funky socks is really taking off!

We’re so excited that we get to make that special wedding day for many couples EVEN SPECIAL-ER by lending our funky & fresh styles to the feet of those standing up in these weddings!

Like the party shown to the left, some groups wear a plethora of our funky designs so that each party member can show off their own personal style. Lookin’ good boys!

groomsmen-wear-grey-suits-brown-shoes-red-sock it to me -socks

Then, like many other parties, the groomsmen to the right are all wearing matching socks – our Red Super Hero designs to be exact! We

think it’s a fun way to all remain uniform but able to show a little more funkiness than normal, BORING socks allow!

What do you all think about this wedding trend – yay or nay? WE’RE ALL YAYS HERE!




Finding photos

Sometimes we get bored and start searching for photos (thank you Google image search). It’s fun to come across some pics snapped by our retail customers and fans. We especially appreciate the creativity! Plus, we’re super stoked to have a collective of cool behind us, and if you are a part of that wave, we thank you for contributing your photos and opinions across the great, expansive, worldwide web. Keep the love coming, folks. And take a peek at some of the snaps we grabbed for your visual enjoyment.¬†Smooch!

Photo from Artisan Socks
Photo from cyclelicio.us
Photo from Frock Boutique
Photo from Juice Fairy
Photo from Sock Dreams
Photo taken by Katherine O’Brien
Photo from Sock Dreams
Photo from Sock Dreams


Fun Wedding Style for the Groom

It’s becoming a trend at this point. And we love it.

Yep, we’re talking about groomsmen wearing fun socks. Playful socks. Socks that catch your eye and make you grin. Already we have seen a few publications go this route, asking us for images and ideas, from¬†Oregon Bride Magazine to Phoenix Bride and Groom.

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