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Magic in the Making

It recently dawned on us that most people in the world are remiss to the concept of the trade show. Let it be said that trade shows are in fact the gas behind our engine. It’s where people find and discover us, and where a lot of the magic happens. Fittingly, most of that happens at Magic, the largest trade show known to man (well, the largest to us, at least).

Being a smaller, design-focused indie label, Sock It to Me set up shop in Magic’s POOLTRADESHOW, alongside other labels like Threadless (who brilliantly set up a ping pong table for guests to bank a few minutes of play time) and Maptote (who gave away hearty canvas totes silk-screened with a map of Vegas, complete with notable icons and landmarks).

To aptly capture the scene, POOL is like a massive marketplace of cool. Each wholesaler has a cube where they showcase their stuff, and it’s all about who can pull out the stops and do something radically different with their space, or present their goods in a unique way. We were excited to debut our brand new booth – an ultra lightweight/compact display for the hundred-plus pairs of socks that now don the Sock It to Me name.

Over the years, we’ve always had our greatest success at Magic. And this year was no different. In fact, it was our most successful show to date. Among the top sellers were the women’s Tree Owl, Dinomite, and Vampire Kiss, plus the vertically striped Rocket Ride and Love Luma. We also sold a lot of the men’s Octosock and Argyle Mustache.

Our newest SITM team member, Matt Stuart, also joined us at the show, saying later that he enjoyed being around the buzz and excitement for our brand. Truth be told, that enthusiasm is something we never tire of. Even though we didn’t see any star sightings this time around, we’re pumped to know that we’re loved and adored by the everyday kind of folk. Celebrities or not, we love our customers just the same! xo

Miss Paris Hilton spotted at Magic

p.s. If you’d like to catch more of the scene in action, take a peak at this scroll of images from last year’s POOLTRADESHOW, plus a few snaps from this year’s show, as well.

Socklight: Designer Adam White

When it comes to creative talent, we like to be ahead of the curve. But sometimes we go after the well-known and loved—like Craze One designer, Adam White. Nebraska kid through and through, this former roller rink stuntman has mad skills. In fact, we have had a hard time keeping up with him. Besides his main gig: a graphic t-shirt line called Craze One, his current projects include an animated music video, a vinyl action figure and a snowboard design. Busy man, we know. We thought we’d shine some light on this man of the moment…

Published in the book, Faesthetic by Threadless

SITM: Which SITM styles are stamped with your name?
: Stormy, Sparrow, Baby Jacks, Adam’s Apple… plus I helped re-design a number of others. Then I worked on a few of the holiday cards and ads over the years. It’s been a lot of fun!

SITM: Do you wear the socks or shirts you’ve designed?
: Once in a while. I wear all the Sock It To Me men’s designs. Favorite socks I own.

SITM: What’s the deal with your GARBAGE PAIL KIDS® design for Craze One?
: Honestly, the whole project has been a dream come true. In the late 90’s, I went down my list of projects I wanted to accomplish in a lifetime. A Garbage Pail Kid related project was always on my mind, so after some research, I tracked down GARBAGE PAIL KIDS® artist John Pound and bought an original color rough painting from the original series. We have been corresponding ever since. (He is a really nice guy, and one of my favorite artists.) For almost a decade now, John and I have talked about creating a Garbage Pail Kids parody sticker card for my clothing label Craze One, and last year, it finally happened: A full color vinyl sticker that has a die-cut peel out center (just like the originals) with a short comic strip I illustrated on the back. Each of the 1,000 ‘first print – 1a series’ is hand numbered in sequential order. Like I said, a dream come true!

Adam's sketches for a logo concept, part of which was used for his former clothing store/gallery, Eighteen Tigers

SITM: We heard you started out with a Lite Brite. Ever try your hand at Etcha-Sketch?
AW: I have. Many years ago I once spent hours Etcha-Sketching a drawing of a living room, with every detail of the TV, furniture, wallpaper, and base boards. It sat on display, propped up on a shelf behind the counter of a store downtown, untouched for years. When the store moved, they returned it to me, still intact like the day it was created. One day a friend came over, and I took it out of the box to show him. I said “Remember this from about 8 years ago?” His first reaction was to turn it upside down and shake it….gone just like that.

SITM: What is your fave, go-to daily website?
AW: Flickr.com: Simple, inspirational, and easy to get lost in.

SITM: Your drink of choice after a long day?
: A cold soda pop, really. Caffeinated, cold bubbly goodness!

SITM: Favorite book?
AW: Right now, it is a book I’ve been working on for over a year now. It’s called SHIN SPLINT, an inspiring collection of illustrators, graphic designers, painters, photographers, musicians and various interviews from around the world.

Published in the book, Faesthetic by Threadless

SITM: Best thing about Lincoln, Nebraska?
: Quiet and safe (he says with a “question mark”). I really don’t know anymore. I guess, like a lot of people, I just have a little spot in my heart for the town I grew up in.

SITM: Worst thing about Lincoln, Nebraska?
: Lack of bands touring here, no Ethiopian restaurants, snow…lots and lots of snow.

SITM: Who would you be most honored to have wear one of your designs?
: David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Iggy Pop, Alan Alda, Michael Cera

SITM: David Bowie… yeah. Totally. We’re with you. Good luck to you, Adam! We love you.

p.s. Check out Adam’s graphic tees, photos and projects on Flickr.