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Fashion Blogger Favorites!

Melodic, Thrifty, & Chic has great taste. That’s why she uses our socks in her outfits pretty often . She just celebrated her 5 year blogiversary by showing off her 10 favorite outfits from the past year. We ended up in three of them. Not too bad!

We love her and and her style so much. You should take a look at how she works our socks into her super chic outfits. Not just in this blog post, but throughout the past five years of amazing looks she’s created.

Melodic Thrifty & Chic - English Literature

English Literature with Women’s Glasses (no longer available).

Melodic Thrifty & Chic - Sky's The Limit

The Sky’s The Limit with Ice Cream Dream

Melodic Thrifty & Chic - Vintage Vinyl

Vintage Vinyl with Music Man

Sneak Peek at the New SITM Catalog!

We’ve been busy busy bees over here at Sock It to Me! While most people are hanging out by the pool, we’re here unpacking socks and styling photo shoots, but you’ll never hear us complaining! We’ve got some of the best jobs in the world, and we’re (almost) always having a good time! So without further ado…. we’d like to share a sneak peek of our newest catalog with you! As we so often are, the inspiration for our new catalog came from all of the awesome Sock It to Me fans out there! You guys come in all shapes, sizes, and styles! You all use our socks in so many fun and interesting ways, we couldn’t think of a better way to showcase our socks than photographing the varied ways Sock It to Me’s are used by all of YOU! We are so grateful to have you in our orbit! This catalog is an homage to you! (applause!!! ) so thank you!


Sizzlin Summer Style

While we here in Portland are having mild temperatures, we realize that it is SUPER hot out there in most regions of the country! We really don’t know how you all do it?! So while we NEED our socks ALL year round, we realize there are times some of you need to put your socks on hold. Anyways, we were trolling some of our favorite style blogs looking at killer summer looks from coast-to-coast and wanted to share them with you! It almost helps us take a mini vacation. It’s like, if were visiting another rockin’ US city, we’d wear this…. From Portland to San Fran to LA and then east to NYC, you’ve got us inspired!



We like to see how the fun people of our city are spicing up their style! How cute is this orange dress? White Converse, headband and a BMX bike!! LOVE!!

(photo credit: PDX in the Street)

San Francisco

San Francisco and Bay area weather can be super unpredictable so we think Inspirafashion Blogger, Kathleen from Berkeley, CA has a great “laid back” look going that can handle surprise weather. (And of course, we LOVE her socks!)


(photo credit: inspirafashion)

Los Angeles

This 90’s style floral romper is scoring HUGE points with us! It is the perfect easy, breezy number for a hot summer day!

(photo credit: refinery29.com)



The lovely ladies of music group: Open Ocean have such cool, eclectic New York style to match their psychedelic music…. We’re loving their sound. Be sure to check them out!

Open Ocean

(photo credit: Kava Gorna + Gina Marinell for refinery29.com)

Sorry to all the guys out here! We got you next time! We promise! Girls…. what do you think about these summer styles? Pretty good huh? And it definitely seems like your Sock It To Me’s can be easily added to a bunch of these looks! Love it!  What’s your favorite summer look? Send a pic of it our way! Maybe we’ll add you to our next style post!


Stuff from stores we like

We like cute things around here. And we also love the stores out there who support Sock It to Me. So this is a little love token to them (and to our inner-shopper, always looking for the next best gift or statement of style)… enjoy!

“My little beating heart” plush toy from Fun Frugal Finds, San Francisco
“Owl lineup” mini wallet from BuyOlympia.com
Super Portland-like lockets (by Locket2you) at Presents of Mind, Portland
(Hey we like lightning bolts, too!) “Big Wednesday” trunks from Ian, downtown Seattle
Star Wars’ Yoda 2GB mimobot from Dream in Plastic, Beacon, NY
Lovely lime laces (2-tone!) from Super Fat Laces, UK
Skeletal bootie grab shorts from Fast Girl Skates, Seattle
Sassy asymmetrical dress by Free People from karmaloop.com

Well, that’s about all we can handle. (Cyber shopping is exhausting!) Check out all of the links below for more fun goodies from our fave sites and shops. We love them and hope you will to!

A Year in Socks

January has been just ugly. We are so ready for a new month, a month that brings us closer to the shiny, sunny days of June. Shoot, even April looks good from this point. More days of light, at least.

Truth be told, we often think of the calendar year in terms of socks. For example, next month is when we open up our hearts for Cupid’s arrow (we have lots of heart styles, fyi!). Then there is Mustache March, April Showers, May Flowers… and so forth. It all makes perfect sense, don’t you think? (Well, it would if your lives revolved around socks, as ours do!) At any rate, this is it: A Year in Socks…

January – A time for cozy leg warmers
February – When Cupid arrives, of course
March – For Mustache March
April – As in yucky April showers and cute umbrellas
May – When buds are in bloom
June – When bikes just about outnumber cars in PDX
July – When all I want to eat is sushi, everyday
August – When your toes are always exposed
September – When the Schoolgirl returns
October – When Day of the Dead looms ahead
November – When deer hunting season begins
December – When we enjoy candy canes in all flavors!